NFT.NYC 2022 Artist Metaverse Space Officially Launched

June 24 04:43 2022

MetaBell built a custom metaverse space for this year’s NFT NYC 2022 event, with the ultimate goal of creating a metaverse space for global NFT artists to communicate. The space features all 221 NFT artists listed in this year’s NFY.NYC Official Art Collection. Users can visit NYC SPACE through their browsers and click on the artists they are interested in to follow them on Twitter or purchase NFT artworks.

For NFTs created by global artists, MetaBell will provide privileges such as IP spin-off displays (chat dialogs, avatars, skins, pets, characters, etc.) and exclusive customization space.

So, stay tuned!

About MetaBell

MetaBell is a global underlying metaverse service provider, focusing on providing systematic metaverse services and building enriched metaverse content.

Metabell provides IP showcase, venue development and marketing activities for global blockchain projects, traditional industry enterprises and business groups, artists and creators.

It also serves as a center of distribution for users of the metaverse space for various projects, with powerful scene interaction functions.

The current version of BellSpace can experience the following features.

1, Project presentation (audio and video playback, poster and modeling display, online live streaming of roadshows).

2, Diversity interaction (including not limited to communication and action interaction in the space, such as chatting, dancing, mini-games; the likes function of artworks and IP display, ranking and trend will be updated in the scene simultaneously).

3, Content creation (NFT doodle wall, model creation).

4, Referral traffic (through the display of products and IP, users will be interested in the corresponding IP, NFT art creation and real-world goods, while they can follow social media accounts and purchase with one click)

The first scene theme is NFT artist exhibition gallery, which can realize the communication and interaction between outstanding artists in the industry, including fan groups.

5, NFT value enhancement (NFT holders of cooperative projects can enjoy exclusive rights and interests within the scene, including but not limited to exclusive ID display, entrance special effects, exclusive furniture for personal space, custom designs for wearable items).

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