“Zero-o’clock” a brand for sleep and rest

June 24 04:02 2022

Looking to supply its goose-down bedding(duvet) to department stores in UK, USA, and Southeast Asia

Zero-o’clock’s motto is “make time for rest in pursuit of coziness and refreshment,” announced that the company is planning to supply its goose down bedding to popular department stores in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Zero-o’clock is a brand from GD Corporation, a B2B company specialized in goose down products, and is one of few registered members of International Down and Feather Bureau(IDFB) and Korea International Trade Association(KITA.) The company has also acquired the Responsible Down Standard(RDS) certification, making its name in the domestic market as a small but strong company.

Competitiveness secured with the premium quality and rational pricing through segmented manufacturing sites and sourcing centers.

Signature Goose Bedding Line from Zero-o’clock 

GD Corporation has proven its competitiveness via numerous domestic and international trades of raw materials for goose and duck down products and is currently supplying these materials to luxury brands such as Moncler and Canada Goose. With its verified prime quality, Zero-o’clock’s goose-down bedding made a record high sales in its product category on Wadiz; #1 crowdfunding platform in Korea. 

JeongSeong Kim, the CEO of the company, launched the brand Zero-o’clock, because “the goose down bedding in the existing market was filled with low quality products with exaggerated or even fake advertisement that deceived many consumers. Zero-o’clock has various segments of products customized for each country based on the manufacturing and sourcing sites to ensure and maintain the premium quality goose down products. We are trying our best to get to the hearts of consumers.”

“Zero-o’clock has quality management experts all of which have completed the International Down and Feather Laboratory education at the IDFB,” he continued, expressing pride in their product qualities.

Premium brand(s) in partnertship with GD Corporation (picture provided by Zero-o’clock)

JeongSeong Kim, the CEO of GD Corporation and its brand Zero-o’clock. He used to work in an international deparment at a financial corporate.

It is not usual to see a goose-down brand CEO with a background in finance instead of fashion or design. when asked about this. Kim said, “I was taking some time-off after completing the International Corporate Strategy MBA in Japan and came across a down product and fell in love with it. That’s when I first learned the down business.” He continued “there is a saying in Korea that Koreans work even in sleep. That is how passionate and serious Koreans are when it comes to work ethics. However, they do not care as much about quality rest or sleep. Resting is considered a big part of life in many other countries. I believe Koreans will eventually pursue that kind of lifestyle. Starting with the goose-down bedding products, I would like to expand our businesses both domestically and internationally with a vision to represent Korea’s ”Sleep-tech“ company.”

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