Welcome To The Sick Mind Of A Sane Person: Deconstructing Racism And White Supremacy

June 24 03:34 2022
A Sick Mind Made Well Is A Stronger Mind

June 23, 2022 – Terry Lee Watson has come to unveil his book titled “Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person” a timely anthology of poems, short stories, and critical essays that reveal why people are still coping with an oppressive structure.

The Sick Mind of a Sane Person is an easily digestible argument offering evidence that the “concepts of inalienable rights, truths, and liberties are neither inalienable nor a right.” This book re-frames the understanding of white supremacy and what it means to be Black in America. Undeniable excellence in packing a powerful message while taking on a soul-searching journey of deconstructing racism and white supremacy through a compilation of poems, short stories and critical essays and at the same time revealing why we continue to cope with the oppressive structure in America.


The book is divided into four moments:

• The Walk is a collection that critically examines the complexity of racism and white supremacy.

• The American Celebration seeks to define what makes a mind sick. This collection lends insight into how our willingness to disguise our sanity to fit the status quo contributes to the overwhelming theme of white supremacy.

• I Fight for My People shows how we find, sustain, and pass on strength as a culture.

• The Playing of The Fifth Note speaks to the strategist in you. If deconstructing white supremacy is the beginning, then what is your end? What is your fifth note?

Terry Lee Watson, a poet, a musician, a teacher of minds and souls, as a person radiates love. The key word to get the most from this book is “empathy.” Watson asks, “Where was the empathy?”

I read the book through eyes prickling with tears this story of a young boy, growing into a man – feeling his pain growing up as a black man in America and becoming infused with white supremacist thought and culture. What must be done to effect a meaningful change, and whether we should be hopeful about the future?” I expect Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person to become#1 National Best Seller in the very near future!

About Terry Lee Watson

Terry Lee Watson, founder of Strategies for Justice BWMP LLC, has been presenting on the topics of race and white supremacy for more than twenty years. He has delivered presentations for universities, K-12 schools, social justice organizations, conferences and law enforcement organizations.

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