Navigating The World as A Young Woman – Finding One’s Identity

June 23 23:31 2022

Being a woman has never been easy. At every step of history, you’ll find women battling problems that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. Whether it’s voting rights, racism and sexism at home, or not being promoted at their workplace on the basis of their gender, it’s almost as if the fight never ends. 

And while a lot of improvement has been made over the past few decades, the journey is still long and tiring to even come to the same standing of the men in our society. So, being a woman isn’t easy. And for young girls, navigating the world all on their own simply means being burned multiple times before they either get tired and used to poor treatment or find the courage to rise above and own who they are. 

Of course, being able to stand up for oneself may sound like an intuitive thing to do, and while it is to some extent, it’s quite far from being a walk in the park. Without role models and inspirations to keep one going, the road seems dark and lonely, making it easy to give up. But that’s exactly where personalities like Mischaela Elkins come in. 

A Fierce and Intelligent Pageant Queen! 

Elkins has been hardworking from a young age. She’s a highly educated woman holding an MBA from the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and has spent over a decade trying to make a name for herself in the modelling industry. Having been chosen from 300 girls in 2009 for a callback by Elite’s New Faces, Mischaela has become a respected name and a pleasure to work with. The number of brands and campaigns that she’s supported speak in support of the fact that Elkins is not just hardworking but also has the skills required to make it through a cutthroat industry where everyone seems to get replaced in just a couple of months.

Starting in her teen years, she knows exactly how it feels to navigate the world alone and having to prove oneself every step of the way. But that’s exactly why she is where she is today! Success never comes easy and when you’re a woman, it can be even harder. Working part time for 8 years and full time for four are just small parts of Elkins’ journey that have turned her into a force to be reckoned with. 

And that’s what anyone wants for the young, impressionable women out there. Someone they can not only look up to when it comes to beauty and fashion, but also someone who knows how to be cutthroat and do what needs to be done. A combination of assertiveness and softer feminine qualities is what one gets when looking into the life of Mischaela Elkins – Ms. Universe 2021.

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