The CBQ Method™ Helps Smokers Quit Naturally by “Rewiring” their Thinking in Four Stages

June 24 02:14 2022
Award winning quit smoking method created by psychologist and ex-smoker helps smokers and e-cigarette users quit nicotine for good.

The decision to quit smoking is a significant step toward improving one’s physical health, mental health, and finances. However, most smokers find it hard to stop permanently because of strong cravings and difficulty coping with stress and boredom without smoking.

The CBQ Method™ is a proprietary method that helps lifetime smokers quit naturally and remove the desire to smoke in four stages. The four stages of the CBQ Method are the mental and behavioral phases that smokers need to adhere to in order to “rewire” their thinking and break the habit. The four stages of quitting smoking are: 1) Choose to quit. 2) Change your mindset. 3) Change your smoking pattern. 4) Condition your smoke-free life. The four-stage process used by the CBQ Method™ has been equipped with natural, effective, and tested strategies and comprises multiple psychotherapy approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and neuroscience, among other associated fields.

While most methods address the physical aspect of the smoking addiction, the Cognitive Behavioral Quitting (CBQ) Method addresses the mental and behavioral aspects of smoking, which cause smokers to feel they enjoy or need cigarettes and pose the biggest challenge to stopping permanently.

Voted as the “Best overall non-medical method to stop smoking” by VeryWell Mind, the CBQ Method™ aims to help smokers quit permanently and naturally using psychology, and involves no medication or stop smoking aids.

Psychologist, habits coach, and ex-smoker Nasia Davos, developed the CBQ method after trying to quit smoking herself to no avail. To develop the CBQ Method, she used her own experience, researched the scientific literature on addiction, and interviewed experts in the medical and psychology fields. Most importantly, she modeled the mindset and behavioral patterns of happy ex-smokers and integrated these models into the CBQ method.

Millions of smokers worldwide are using the CBQ Method to change how they think about smoking as this method has a 94% success rate, with 85% of smokers succeeding on their first attempt and 9% on their second or third attempt. Smokers can implement the CBQ Method by themselves for free or join the multi-award-winning CBQ Program that holds the “Wellbeing Programme Specialist of the Year” award and has a multitude of riveting reviews online.

The CBQ Method™ is founded on a set of principles some of which are: 1) The smoking addiction is 80% mental and 20% physical. 2) Mental cravings are just positive thoughts about smoking. 3) Quitting smoking does not start by quitting smoking; it starts by preparing. 4) Mindpower is greater than willpower. 5) How you experience the nicotine withdrawal depends on your overall health, mindset, and nutrition.

The CBQ Method™ works for light and heavy smokers and e-cigarette users, even for those who feel they’re too addicted or it’s too late to quit because it recognizes the core problem and solution to nicotine addiction is the mental dependency on it. That’s why Nasia Davos and the CBQ Method team are dedicated to teaching their members how to feel better as non-smokers without switching one addiction (nicotine) for another (alcohol, food, or other forms of nicotine). The CBQ Method champions that when people have the right tools to stop seeing smoking as something desirable and break the habitual aspect of smoking, they can quit easily without the use of willpower but with what they call “mindpower” instead.

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About the CBQ Method™

“The CBQ Method is a proprietary, psychology-based method that helps you quit easily by rewiring your brain back to that of a non-smoker, breaking the mental addiction, and removing your desire to smoke in four stages.”

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