Bartz Law Group Offers Fierce and Zealous Advocacy in Employment-Related Matters

June 24 01:22 2022

Bartz Law Group is a law firm that assists employees and whistleblowers pursue their rights in courts.  Attorney Aaron Bartz, a renowned employment lawyer who offers fierce advocacy, handles both class and representative actions as well as single-plaintiff matters involving employment-related matters. Some of his professional affiliations include the State Bar of California and Orange County and Los Angeles County Bar Associations. Further, Mr. Bartz’s results include millions of dollars of settlements with Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Answering an inquiry, the company spokesperson said, “The public policy exception states that an employer cannot discharge an employee if a discharge would violate the doctrine of public policy. But what is the meaning of public policy in the employment context? The public policy exception bars an employer from firing employees in disregard of the labor statutes of the state. For instance, an employee should not be discharged for filing a compensation claim for work-related injuries.”

Typically, whistleblower laws come in wide varieties and protect state and federal employees when a company breaks federal or state laws through engaging in illegal corporate activity. At Bartz Law Group, they have the best whistleblower attorney in California who fights for whistleblowers’ rights. Bartz Law Group knows the ins and outs of whistleblower law litigation and will fight for their clients, even when the deck is stacked against them. Some of the legal services that the expert attorneys at Bartz Law Group provide involving whistleblower cases include investigating the veracity of a client’s claims, filing complaints with the relevant government agencies to present their claims, and more.

The company spokesperson added, “Firing an employee in disregard of the public policy exception is considered wrongful termination. To sustain a wrongful termination claim under the public policy exception, the discharged employee must prove: that the policy or law that they refused to violate is legally defined in law, the policy should be beneficial to the public, and the policy should be fundamental and substantial. For additional information, clients can contact us.”

Furthermore, the attorneys at Bartz Law Group can also attempt to resolve clients’ claims on whistleblowing by negotiating a settlement on their behalf or filing a lawsuit against their employer if a settlement cannot be reached.  Bartz Law Group is well-experienced with both California and federal employment laws and thus, understands what it takes to file a case and prosecute the case through arbitration, trial, or a hearing before a government agency. They assist employees in all practice areas of California labor law, including wrongful termination, workplace harassment, employment discrimination, and more. So, reach out to the law firm today for a free consultation with one of California’s top employment law attorneys.

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Bartz Law Group is a law firm that fights for employees’ legal rights and best interests. Typically, the law firm represents clients throughout the state of California, from San Diego to Riverside and Los Angeles to Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. For more information contact a whistleblower lawyer in California

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