Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. Shares Jump 58% After Its Disruptive Investment Model Changes Early-Stage Investment Landscape (OTCMKTS: DATI)

July 22 07:29 2021

Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. (OTCMKTS: DATI) is doing something that many other companies have talked about doing. They created an easy-to-use investment platform that opens the door for investors of any size, especially non-millionaires, to take advantage of investment opportunities in early-stage companies. In fact, DATI is one of the only known publicly traded companies bringing this opportunity to a class of investors often neglected through Wall Street’s inherent bias to favor the privileged few. 

Indeed, for retail investors, DATI can be a wealth-building game changer. Better still, it’s not only the retail investor getting the potential windfalls. DATI’s client companies also benefit from its innovative, all-inclusive platform by changing the capital funding investment framework that offers a one-stop shop to nurture its brand. Also, DATI brings more than a team of pooled investors to the table; they also provide the logistical resources needed to take a private company to the public markets. The end result- a win-win-win proposition for DATI, its investors, and its clients.

And evidenced by DATI stock moving more than 58% higher since last week, market investors are paying attention as well. (*price comparison 7/12/21- 7/20/21, $0.17- $0.27)

DATI Platform Is An Ecosystem For Investment 

In fact, DATI stock is responding as it should after creating a platform to help people of all economic backgrounds, including angel investors, establish and build generational wealth by owning a piece of the businesses they represent. And giving investors the chance to participate through DATI stock ownership could be considered the fourth winning proposition. Better still, the opportunity there could match or even outperform the growth of DATI itself, which is expected to accelerate in the back half of this year. After all, markets trade with forward-looking bias.

Hence, not only can DATI provide a means for investors to reap substantial gains by owning equity in the next “unicorn,” they can potentially deliver similar sized returns for itself. And by changing the ratio in the startup world with practical tools and services to democratize securing a seat at the table, they are already on the path toward creating enormous shareholder value in the coming quarters. Thus, the 58% gain to its share price since last week could be the precursor of better things to come. 

Moreover, a direct investment could be the best means of catching the value proposition. Still, while providing quick and easy exposure to DATI’s market opportunities, a better plan may be to diversify a portion of that investment and take advantage of the other opportunities that DATI can offer by participating as a member in its investor communities. There, investors are only a few clicks away from making investments once reserved for the Wall Street power-players. 

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A Paradigm Shift In Wealth Building Opportunity

Even better, DATI investors can become the sellers of these “unicorn” opportunities, flipping the table on what has traditionally been early investors and owners selling part of its stake to the retail class after taking a company from seed to public status. Thus, DATI’s community of investors can be the ones earning the multi-million dollar windfalls in the process. What do these potential investments look like? Well, there are hundreds of excellent examples. Here’s one.

Robinhood. That company went from startup to having an expected IPO valuation near $35 billion in about seven years. And, yes, that company was seeded by investors that had access to early investment in its company through traditional Wall Street power-player channels. The excellent news for those investors is that they are likely to capitalize on substantial investor demand and sell part of their stake to investors in an IPO expected as early as this month. And their rewards could be hundreds of times larger than their original investments. Coming to market with an expected $35 billion valuation makes that incredibly likely. And for those considering DATI as a direct investment or taking opportunities through its investor communities, that’s excellent news. 

Better still, for DATI investors and clients, these opportunities are close at hand.

Taking Opportunities Through A Disciplined Investment Model

And they are not only close, but they are also simple to access. In fact, with DATI creating the first Public Accelerator Incubator (PAI), they revolutionized and democratized the startup acceleration model by providing everyone a seat at the table through an ecosystem that utilizes multiple access points to funding, skill development, education, and other tools for success. 

Best of all, it opens the door for any investor, no matter the size of their wallet, education, station in life, or financial background, to own equity in early-stage companies. Moreover, retail investors have a legitimate opportunity to take a position in high-value, high-growth startups from the beginning—alongside the big money. And while the power-players may not necessarily like the competition, through DATI, it’s something they may need to get used to going forward. 

And by combining the best of two business development approaches to nurture early-stage companies, along with leveraging online funding portals through the JOBS Act (Titles II, III and IV) as the primary investment approach to funding an early-stage company, the DATI model could become the new norm. For client companies, DATI also does most of the heavy lifting through its PAI platform that acts as incubator, accelerator, and equity crowdfunding specialist. Each has a critical role in helping to develop promising companies. 

Incubators help startups very early on, nurturing them with resources, capital, and connections needed for growth. Startups participating in incubator programs often emerge with a more robust team, product, and customer base—better positioned for long-term growth.

Accelerators provide startups with guidance and mentorship to further grow their businesses. They also offer early capital to startups and position them for future investment opportunities from Angels and VCs. In this way, accelerators are more synonymous with the “equity in exchange for investment” model of investment, with founders sprinting at their chance to impress investors enough at a demo day to secure additional funding. 

Equity Crowdfunding, which has become a catchall phrase for Reg. CF and Reg. A+, was born from the JOBS Act, which was literally intended to ‘Jumpstart Our Business Startups (Act)’ by leveraging online equity crowdfunding portals, startups, and early-stage companies to have more access to capital than traditionally available to them—garnering the financial support of their current and future customers, ardent supporters and interested investors.

DATI’s primary focus is on combining these models to create its PAI Ecosystem. And it’s that platform that can be an industry game-changer. 

Leveraging Its Public Accelerator-Incubator Model

Through its PAI Ecosystem, DATI targets participants seeking cash, liquidity, and/or investment opportunities and provides tools that foster financial growth opportunities for both companies and ‘everyday people. This means undervalued and overlooked entrepreneurs of both private and publicly traded companies, and those undervalued and overlooked investors who are considered novice, unsavvy or non-accredited, can rub elbows with ‘big money. 

It also provides startups nearly everything they need to grow- the ideal parts of incubators, accelerators, business development, and equity crowdfunding, all in one ecosystem. Better still, its efficient model gives Entrepreneurs one-on-one market acceleration, marketing strategy, access to funding portals and global financial networks to raise capital, advanced business management consulting services, and access to early liquidity for both the entrepreneur and their investors. The result can be the difference in stagnation and accelerated growth. Savvy entrepreneurs typically choose the latter

Moreover, the PAI Ecosystem may be the only model that provides all of its stakeholders a virtuous circle, offering an equitable ratio of the ‘pie’ that’s infinitely scalable. Also, through the PAI model, investors have access to a broader pool of well-vetted investment options that have been funded and supported by DATI, as well as the flexibility of swift liquidity. 

Thus, by DATI merging everyone’s needs and motivations, wealth potential is shared in an equitable and mutually beneficial way. That’s the beauty of the PAI. It’s also why DATI and its stock might be positioned for exponential growth in the coming quarters, particularly since the PAI Ecosystem has just officially launched. 

And that appears to have started.

A Surge In Value, Sentiment Is Bullish

In fact, its 58% surge in its share price may be the start of a more sustained and accelerating rally. In fact, its move higher to near $0.27 comes on increasing volume, with more than 79K shares now exchanging hands per day. And while that move higher is impressive, there doesn’t appear to be any signs of the trend slowing down. In fact, as more investors join the DATI investment community, anticipate that valuation to likely rise as more investment dollars get put to work. 

Moreover, as DATI assembles its diverse group of voices, expertise, and talents to help nurture a culture of innovation amid a continuously evolving equity investment landscape, investor sentiment should grow increasingly more bullish. And by offering investors early access to investment opportunities, providing reports on industry trends, offering exclusive access to its DigitalAMN think tank, and presenting essential business insights from other community members, all investors should consider joining the growing DATI community. 

And to take advantage of its combination platform that provides early-stage companies with the best of two proven business development models (incubators and accelerators) along with a proven investment model (equity crowdfunding), they are. Better still, though DATI, these investors and clients may be positioned and well-fortified to take on the establishment through an investment landscape prioritizing everyday people (undervalued and overlooked entrepreneurs and investors), much like Robinhood is doing for retail stock investors. 

Thus, despite its 58% run since last week, DATI remains a compelling investment proposition. Further, with its 52-week high already touching $0.48, even catching that level presents a 70% upside from current prices. And with DATI’s pipeline of initiatives and its platform that can scale to serve hundreds of early-stage companies and hundreds of thousands of investors globally, recapturing its highs can happen sooner rather than later. Better still, with momentum at its back, DATI stock can move substantially higher than that.


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