SHIBO 5K Mini 3D-IMAX Glass Coming Soon on Kickstarter

April 12 14:26 2021

Undoubtedly, most audio-visual enthusiasts are longing for a pair of super immersive 3D glasses in high quality. But what a shame is that most 3D-IMAX products in the market can not meet the high requirements of most consumers for ultra-high definition, wireless transmission, massive audio-visual resources, panoramic sound, folding and portability and so on. People are so struggling to find out the 3D glasses with the combined functions above. Thus, here comes the ambition of SHIBO Team: boosting people’s audio-visual experience with a brand-new 3D-IMAX glasses product.

SHIBO team is a group of super audio-visual enthusiasts and professionals. Dedicated to the revolutionary design of HMD product, we take users’ ultimate experience at the core, seek to solve the problems and pain points that users may encounter, and then provide sophisticated solutions, so that finally we have this unique product: SHIBO 5K Mini 3D-IMAX Glasses.

Surprisingly, SHIBO Mini 3D-IMAX is the smallest HMD product in the world, designed and produced specifically for audio-visual enthusiasts, weighing only 128 grams. As revolutionary HDM product, SHIBO Mini 3D-IMAX provides an original social-movie watching experience to customers, which means you can invite your friends to share your enjoyment. With 8 speakers, it can achieve 3D panoramic sound. It is equipped with built-in top 4K multimedia player and made in highest-level allocation. The target of SHIBO is to help you enjoy the panoramic sound and massive view in your audio-visual experience.

Driven by this aim, SHIBO has devoted lots of efforts into bringing this ideal design in life. This is a venture that we have committed ourselves wholeheartedly to. We have established ourselves as supply chain and logistics experts and partnered with the right firms to create this product quickly and at a high quality. None of this is going to happen on its own, though. We need to put together some additional start-up capital, which is why we are launching our crowd-funding campaign here on Kickstarter.

It all starts with you. It starts with your contribution and your vote of confidence in our product.

On 20th April, we are going to offer you special price of SHIBO 3D-IMAX Glasses exclusively on Kickstarter. That means if you want to reserve your glasses before we bring them to store shelves, this is the only way to do so. You visit the campaign, you make a contribution, and you get in on the action. We want you to take ownership of it and to join us in our efforts to change it forever.

We want you to be one of the first people to own and try SHIBO 3D-IMAX Glasses! To do that, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address in the box below. We will then let you know as soon as our Kickstarter campaign goes live.

While you’re at it, let all your friends and family know about SHIBO 3D-IMAX Glasses too! Make sure they are aware what our product are so that they can try them out for themselves.

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