Meet The Kings Of Germany’s Tattoo Space, Nicasso and Harry Weiss

April 12 13:25 2021
Meet The Kings Of Germany’s Tattoo Space, Nicasso and Harry Weiss

April 12, 2021 – Nicasso and Harry Weiss currently head Germany’s tattoo industry with Prime Tattoos, a renowned tattoo studio in Hamburg that has now become home to artists, soccer players, gaming streamers, and influencers who are looking to get “tatted” as they say.

In an age buzzing with a variety of performance arts, music, and diversity, there seems to be no lack of innovation and creativity. Among the élite of today are two young, incredibly talented men, Nicasso and Harry Weiss, who are taking arts to newer heights.

Though engaged in a modest art form, Nicasso and Harry Weiss, the two German tattoo artists own one of the country’s largest ink studios, Prime Tattoos. Their tattoo studio has grown fast since its inception in 2020, and now the duo thinks that it is time to take their talents and expertise to the United States market.

The Hamburg-based tattoo studio Prime Tattoo has become increasingly famous not just in the country, but all over the world. Nicasso and Harry Weiss have had the honor of working with sports players, well-known rappers, gaming streamers and tattoo lovers in general.

“We started making art 10 years ago, in the graffiti scene. So we are ex graffiti sprayers, and then we got into tattooing,” says Weiss. 

“Nicasso and Harry Weiss from PRIME TATTOOS are ruling the German Tattoo scene”, says a spokesperson for Prime Tattoos.

Nicasso and Harry Weiss grew up together. They began their careers in art by painting graffiti over ten years ago. Once their talent grew, the young German artists decided to try their hand at body inking.

Today Nicasso and Harry Weiss are proud owners of a beautiful shop that they launched in February 2020. They will soon branch out their business beyond the German borders, hoping to teach others the art of body inking while introducing others to the appeal of German rap.

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