Good 3nergy’s Sunparison Makes It Easier for Homeowners, Businesses to Go Solar

March 01 18:36 2021
The company addresses the unspoken issues in the solar industry and makes solar companies compete, making it much more equitable for the consumers.

Good 3nergy is a solar brokerage that offers clients great deals from competing companies in the solar industry. They are a regional leader in the solar power space, providing clients with positive experiences when considering going solar. They educate, not sell. And they will fight to get clients the best price available.

The company’s founder, Christopher Whitt, started Sunparison after his many interactions with commercial and residential customers. Whitt created Sunparison to solve many of the recurring and very real problems encountered by both commercial and residential solar customers. He introduced a solution, showing people that there’s a better way to go solar. Much like Travelocity is for the travel industry, he designed Sunparison to be a place online where homeowners and business owners can instantly compare every solar company in the clients’ respective areas at the same time.

“All of my years of bottom-up experiences from leading corporate solar teams to now leading my own tactical solar companies have led me to this. Every day, we help move people who are ready for cleaner, more efficient solar energy, and we’ll change the world in the process,” said Whitt.

He developed a design tool (currently patent pending) that uses neural networks. It is the first of its kind and will be exclusive to Sunparison. It achieves Good 3nergy and Sunparison’s goals beautifully with a very high degree of accuracy. The company plans to release this design tool for public use by the second half of this year.

Going solar — or even just considering the change — is a complicated process. It can lead to homeowners doing hours of research to learn about the industry, sitting through sales pitches from multiple companies, then trying to make sense of very different bids. It’s hard for the average homeowners to confidently know that they are truly getting the best fit for their homes and financial situations. Sunparison takes away all the indecision and stress. It is where anyone can instantly get a quote and get the absolute best price for solar.

The Sunparison team firmly believes in the old saying, “they don’t know what they don’t know.” They are passionate about being advocates for solar customers. More information can be found at

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Good 3nergy is a solar brokerage that was created to change the solar industry as a whole, offering clients with highest quality deals and prices.

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