Clutch Cards Presents Its Eclectic Catalog of Pokémon Cards, Boxes, and Products to Fans & Enthusiasts Across the World

December 31 07:39 2022
Clutch Cards is a rapidly-growing Pokémon card distributor based in Connecticut, USA. The company currently has two offices and is already taking the Pokémon market by storm with premium quality products, innovative mystery boxes, and a buddying Pokémon Fan Club community.

Pokémon is among the most popular TV shows of all time, birthing an array of themed video games, toys, clothing products, and the fan favorite – Pokémon cards and collectibles. According to data sourced from Nintendo Life, it is estimated that approximately 34.1 billion Pokémon cards have been sold worldwide in total.

Millions of Pokémon fans across all compass points buy and sell innumerable trading cards daily. For a newcomer, this market can be daunting or even downright intimidating, as the sky-high demand for Pokémon cards of all rarities is barely keeping up with the supply.

Clutch Cards is a Connecticut-based Pokémon distributor that set its sights on making quality Pokémon cards and products more accessible to fans and enthusiasts of this franchise worldwide.

For die-hard worshippers of the series searching for the rarest Pokémon collectibles, Clutch Pokémon Cards offers a variety of hidden gems that are almost impossible to locate in the current market. First editions of the rarest Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur and other iconic Pokémon cards are available at Clutch Cards at remarkably competitive prices.

People who have just begun gathering Pokémon cards can quickly top up their collections with Clutch Cards. Beginner packages and trainers, as well as a broad spectrum of Pokémon cards on sale, are available in the company’s online store for newcomers.

The Pokémon Presale options at Clutch Cards ensure that all Pokémon collectors have an opportunity to grab the latest cards, trainers, Pokémon TCG, and bundles before anyone else, granting them the chance to gather ultra-rare Pokémon before their prices skyrocket.

What separates Clutch Cards from other Pokémon distributors is its exclusive Clutch Pokémon Club. Members of this elite club can reap a range of benefits, including access to members-only giveaways up to three times per month, discounts on all Pokémon products at Clutch Cards stores, a free Crown Zenith Elite Trainer box, and much more.

Numerous Pokémon fans have praised Clutch Cards and its eclectic collection of mystery boxes, Pokémon cards, and bundles. Hailey Weber, a verified customer of Clutch Cards imparted the following:

“Literally the most modern card collector store you’ll find in CT or really anywhere. Not only is it a total vibe, everyone that works here is insanely patient, great with kids, and supportive of your hobby, may that be sports cards or Pokémon. I’ll remain loyal to this store,” said Hailey. 

Clutch Cards continues to grace Pokémon communities across the world with premium quality Pokémon cards and products and is actively working on expanding its reach.

More information about Clutch Cards is available on the company’s official website.

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