Get on a Miraculous Journey with Derrice James

December 29 22:16 2022
Get on a Miraculous Journey with Derrice James

December 29, 2022 – The new book written by Derrice James, is making its way to the top because of the unique perspective shared by the author. The author has compiled a book under the title GLENNA’S ANGEL – A MIRACLE FROM GOD, in which she has covered the ideology of believing in angels and the miracles that can happen when you start believing in God. The author had written this book as a testimony of her mother, who encountered angels when she needed them the most.

The author speaks on the glory of God and has written this amazing book as a guide to everyone that needs help. Reading this book, you will find out about the miraculous event that encountered Derrice and her mother, and if you are someone who is in search of peace and guidance, then this book is a perfect read for you. The author has continuously praised the angels, but she hasn’t forgotten that the supreme creator who has created all of us and is above all of us is God, and no other power can overpower him.

The reason I feel led to write this book is, firstly, I want people to know how wonderful God is, and this book is written to thank Him and let as many people as possible know that in a world where so many things seem out of control, God Himself is here for every one of us, when we call upon His glorious name through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Saviour.

The author presents us with a compelling introduction to the book, which attracts the reader to start reading the book as soon as they read it.

About the Author

Derrice has always had a strong Christian Faith, which has guided her through life. She believes in the Power of Prayer and wants to share her Faith with everyone she meets. God is here for all of us. She has the heart to help and encourage people to get through the many trials of life and rejoices when they overcome them.

Glenna’s Angel: A Miracle from God is self published by author Derrice James

Dated: December 21, 2022

ISBN: 978-1915852694

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