Herbal Medics Academy Announces the Start of the Spring, External Medicine-Making Program

December 28 15:30 2022
The company is now accepting students who want to undergo its 18-month botanical medicine-making online program.

Herbal Medics Academy (HMA), a special training ground for botanical medicine, announces the start of its Apothecarist Program for External Medicines. The full program can be completed in 12-18 months online. This highly interactive course takes students from start to finish in the world of botanical medicine making. The primary portion of this course consists of two 12-week online programs that cover internal and external medicine making respectively.

“This is the only advanced medicine-making course of its type anywhere online. Students get to work with eight different instructors in live and pre-recorded classes, throughout the two primary semesters of this course. It’s an amazing course for beginners and professionals alike,” said a spokesperson from HMA.

HMA is a branch of The Human Path school offering medicine-related subjects to meet the requirements for the medic foundational path. HMA provides courses, training, and workshops to those interested.

Once enrolled in the program, the students will receive herbs and resources through the mail. They will then be tasked to use these materials to learn how to make highly potent and useful botanical medicines administered internally (in the internal medicine-making semester) or administered externally (in the external medicine-making semester).

Apart from these two semesters, six medicine-making intensives will drive students to go into more specific subjects such as mushroom medicine-making (making botanical medicine from medicinal mushrooms), multi-fractional medicine-making (learning to use multiple solvents to make more potent botanical medicine), internal medicine-making (even more details that could not be covered in the 12-week), external medicine making (deeper detail that there was no time to cover in the external medicine making 12-week semester) and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations – FDA laws and rules regarding medicine making).

Aside from materials and herbs sent to students and hours of online pre-recorded lectures, demonstrations, and handouts, students also participate in weekly live, interactive online classes and question-and-answer sessions that explore extensive details around the specific topics and types of medicine being made that week.

With eight different instructors, all professionals in their area, students are exposed to a huge variety of information and teaching styles. Interactive sessions allow students to share their projects and products, receive feedback and explore business ideas for marketing and selling products as well.

Recently, HMA announced its offering of the Austere Medicine Program, taught by Sam Coffman and Steve Pehrson, MD who both started their medical journey as green berets, or US Special Forces medics, and spent more than 30 decades doing so. For more information on HMA and its new program, visit https://herbalmedics.academy/.

About Herbal Medics Academy

The Herbal Medics Academy (HMA) is a branch of The Human Path school focused solely on botanical medicine and medicine-related subjects that fulfill the requirements for the medic foundational path. HMA offers interactive online, on-site, and experiential programs to learn the many facets of practical herbalism. It has four major programs and over 1,800 hours of online, on-campus, and clinical practice.

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