Author Edith Wigoda’s New Book ‘Tracing My Steps’ Shares the Author’s Emotions About Feeling Different in a Catholic Country Like Costa Rica, and About Similar Experiences When She Moved To The USA

December 28 10:24 2022
Author Edith Wigoda's New Book 'Tracing My Steps' Shares the Author's Emotions About Feeling Different in a Catholic Country Like Costa Rica, and About Similar Experiences When She Moved To The USA
She wanted to leave a statement explaining to generations to come and to any non-Jew that reads her stories, the essence of our people and the values instilled in our homes.

December 27, 2022 – She began to write many anecdotes, so her children, grandchildren, and their children would know how the lives of her grandparents, her parents, and her generation were. As the stories unfold – because when one tale begins, it takes a life of its own – She realizes that her family’s experiences were similar to many other immigrant Jews’ experiences when they abandoned Europe. Most had similar backgrounds, had suffered, and enjoyed parallel pasts. She tried to explain bits of Jewish history and tradition in many of the stories. For her, as a secular Jew, tradition, morals, and way of life are gifts that make her Jewish.

About The Author

Edith Wigoda was born in 1945 in Costa Rica, a wonderful democratic country where the Tico population lives with the motto of Pura Vida, which is impossible to translate and means “To enjoy life.”

As a Jew, daughter of immigrants, she had the opportunity to grow up among two sets of cultures, one with Jewish traditions, listening to the Yiddish language at home, and the second; in a country where Catholicism was present in every corner of the Country.

Still young, she left Costa Rica and became an immigrant in the United States. Although this wonderful Country is heaven, she suffered the change because she was thrown from a cozy family environment to a huge world of anonymity where loneliness became her shadow.

Her stories are simply about life, how Jews are taught at home, the experiences we had after World War II in a world that does not particularly like us, and the unanswerable question of why.

For the reader who is not Jewish, the stories are an opportunity to take a glimpse of how Hebrews live and how we are taught at home.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase “Tracing My Steps” online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

English version available here

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