ReKonnect brings a safe and welcoming space for socializing online

December 23 18:42 2022

ReKonnect is the latest social media platform on the market and is turning heads with its unique approach to connecting people. Unlike other platforms focusing solely on online interactions, ReKonnect is about bringing users together in real life. With its easy-to-use event planning tools and emphasis on privacy. ReKonnect is quickly becoming the go-to platform for people looking to connect with others in their area. Their newly launched services include the following features:

  • NEWS – The application is empowering Independent Journalism

  • News Made Accessibly – People can read and access any news they are interested in with the help of ReKonnect.

  • Make Money as a Writer – The application helps finance emerging writers.

  • Read Articles on Anything – Users can have ultimate access to various kinds of articles from where they can get essential help.

  • Explore News Headlines: The doors of exploration are wide open with ReKonnect features.

If digital creators for a fresh and exciting way to connect with others online, they need to check out ReKonnect. This innovative new social media platform offers various features that make it easy to stay associated with the people and events that matter most to them. 


The application is all about bringing users together in real life. With its easy-to-use event planning tools, people can quickly and easily plan get-togethers with friends, family, and even new acquaintances. ReKonnect is committed to supporting local businesses and organizations. The platform provides various tools, businesses, and organizations to create and promote events, making it easy for users to discover and support their favorite local groups. 

With the new developments, ReKonnect supports the power of journalism with works by independent writers. They can discover stories on their favorite topics, unleash the inner creative within, and release the articles on a platform that supports the clients. Moreover, ReKonnect enables users to keep themselves up-to-date and in the know by browsing the news. The company allows the independent release of columns, articles, poems, or essays. It’s the user’s choice whether to keep Paid or free.

ReKonnect places a strong emphasis on privacy. The platform allows users to control who can see their events and posts and facilitates robust tools for reporting and blocking unwanted behavior. It makes ReKonnect a safe and welcoming space for users of all ages. 

Furthermore, ReKonnect offers numerous engaging and fun features that make it easy to stay connected with the people and events that matter most to people. From the ability to share photos and videos to the option to create and join interest-based groups, ReKonenct has something for everyone.

Consequently, ReKonnect is entirely free to use. The exciting platform is quickly becoming the go-to destination for people to interact with each other healthily. ReKonnect is now available for download on the Google play store and Apple store for Android and iOS users.

Potential users can visit the following link for further information or download the app:

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