TechMagic Helps Companies’ to Master AWS for Startups Services

December 23 22:39 2022

Announcement that will impact the global business market in 2023.

TechMagic is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that ensures compliance with the AWS requirements. TechMagic accesses AWS education and certification options and support for cooperative projects with startups.

AWS for startups is a reliable and scalable cloud computing solution. TechMagic keeps growing its selection of cloud innovations and developing relationships with digital nearshore vs offshore companies. 

Company has a strong presence in Poland and Ukraine and observes a considerable demand for digitalisation services, including cloud transformation, among worldwide clients. 

One of the business goals for 2022 was to launch a cooperation with fast-growing startups with Amazon Web Services dedicated to high-performance computing solutions. 

AWS startup services offer the following benefits:


The ability to customise a cloud solution over time allows companies to modify it as their needs change. TechMagic experts developed an AWS interface that provided the organisation with the 360° user data perspective they need for fresh insights, increased engagement, and more effective data management. 


Cloud infrastructure will always facilitate quicker, more seamless migrations, but AWS Cloud was explicitly designed with the commercial imperative of cloud continuity. Automating specialised software deployment makes it simple to roll out new features, deploy applications, and upgrade applications—eliminating downtime and the risk involved with human modifications.


With conventional hosting services, if your server goes down, your website or application will also go down, causing significant interruptions and financial loss. With AWS Cloud, data infrastructure is safeguarded by the greatest global and regional redundancy system; if one server fails, another is already in place to prevent service interruptions. 


More than 200 resources are available on the AWS product list, many of which are tailored to the demands of particular sectors and end goals. Computing, data management, databases, analytics, networking, mobile access, manager and developer tools, Internet of Things, security, and corporate apps are just a few of the many specialised tools available for your team.


With the pay-as-you-go approach that Amazon provides, expanding infrastructure as its active user base increases, maintaining relevant AWS cost optimisation, storing larger amounts of user data, and using it more effectively.


Business owners may automate repetitive operations and simplify data access across several devices at any time using Amazon for startups. 

“With more than 30% worldwide market, AWS is one of the top three cloud computing giants. The demand for cloud services and digitisation has significantly expanded, and clients are moving toward the cloud faster than in the past.”

With support, benefits from AWS, and better resources to support clients with the workload and IT resources migration to the AWS Cloud, TechMagic is open to new cooperations.

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TechMagic is a nearshore vs offshore outsourcing software company that provides cutting-edge skills with dedicated development teams, embedded design & development, IT infrastructure development & administration, and digital solutions.

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