This Woman Is On A Mission To Help As Many Female Lawyers And Executives Find Balance, Meaning And Fulfillment In Their Lives

December 22 12:58 2022

When it comes to living a happy and fulfilling life, many of us often find ourselves looking for that one thing that will make us feel complete.

We think that if we can just find the right job, the perfect partner, or the right house, then we’ll finally be content and satisfied. But what we don’t realize is that feelings of discontent and unfulfillment can still creep in and will affect every other aspect of our lives.

These experiences were all too familiar for Lerae Funderburg. From the outside looking in, she had it all: a successful attorney, and the founder of her own successful law firm, she had experienced many years of continued success. But she says something was missing.

It wasn’t just her that felt this way either. Women in the legal profession face many challenges. A high suicide rate, a high rate of depression, and a high rate of substance abuse are just some of the challenges faced by lawyers.

The pressure of motherhood, being a wife, and trying to maintain a career can be too much for some women and can lead to burnout and poor mental and physical health. Lerae was determined to figure out how to make some big improvements in her life, so she began a journey of self discovery.


She started to read books, hire coaches, meditate, do energy work and master reiki.

But it wasn’t until the beginning of this last year that things came together for her.

Lerae went through an intensive Rites of Passage program for 4 months and healed her entire mind, body, and soul. She says the process helped her finally reach the point of discovering true inner peace and joy.

That’s why she’s so passionate about helping other women find balance in their professional and personal lives to prevent burnout.

Lerae is on a mission to help as many female lawyers and executives as possible find true balance, joy and happiness in their lives.

To discover more about Lerae and how she’s changing the lives of so many women, just check out her website here:

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