Mini Crypto Bull Run all Inside one Telegram Group: 20 Crypto Projects 1 Telegram Group

December 22 01:03 2022

With many crypto projects underway, exceptional and profitable ideas and concepts should pique your attention. Crypto and blockchain technology have really made life beautiful for a lot of crypto investors, but quality crypto projects that integrate new and innovative true burn blockchain technologies can make crypto investing even more profitable.

However, if you are interested in cryptocurrencies and the metaverse, something juicy is about to be released on the ethereum blockchain . Please enjoy the rest of the article by  continuing to read until the end. 

This project is already receiving positive reviews from observers even though it is still under construction. Kingpin The Developer presents Televerse $OneTele (20 projects 1 telegram)


You must have heard about the metaverse and virtual space. However, if you haven’t already, the metaverse is a virtual world, a second world where you can have the best moments and experiences by doing things virtually.

For optimum performance and decentralization, the metaverse gets the backing of these top technologies:

  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • NFTs
  • AR and VR reality
  • Internet of things
  • 3D technology. 

With the aid of these tools and varying concepts, the best virtual worlds in the metaverse today provide visitors with different user experiences. This is the beginning tale of Televerse $OneTele, which will be a  different metaverse realm you should be preparing to visit upon its completion.

What is Televerse $OneTele? and why is there so much excitement around its launch? Read on to find out. 

What is Televerse $OneTele?

Televerse will be a virtual world complete with its own originally created characters and story lines. It will be its own version of a metaverse Like Decentraland, Sandbox, and other similar medium to large-scale metaverse projects, the developer invites you to join the most epic journey of all epic journeys! 

It is spirit-lifting to learn that this is one of the newest and most ambitious crypto projects on the Ethereum blockchain. The recently developed “True Burn” hyper deflationary technology is the centerpiece for the tokenomics, which are very well thought out. 

Each time a token is bought or sold, 3% or 4% is completely burned off the blockchain forever as opposed to the conventional dead wallet burn which only sends tokens to a dead wallet or null address, also with every buy and sell 4% is added to the liquidity pool also known as (Auto Liquidity) or some may refer to it as Auto LP, these two events are what makes this particular token (Hyper Deflationary) additionally 2% or 3% of the buys and sells goes to the marketing/development/coins for staking platform wallet, for a total tax of of only 10%, crypto investors should be very wary of projects that have no taxes for marketing and development 9 time’s out of 10 it’s just a cash grab on the part of the developer and a hand full of jeeters, speaking of jeeters these tokenomics are not very favorable for jeeters because jeeting burns from the total supply forever with the “True Burn” technology, also it adds to the auto liquidity making it much more profitable for experienced investors who already understand the concept of taking profits responsibly, this project is designed to build a large community of investors by having only one telegram group for the 20 consecutive projects as mentioned below.

Features of Televerse $OneTele

Some of the features to expect in the Kingpin Studio metaverse include;

  • Low taxes (10%) for buys and sells 
  • Ethereum Blockchain ERC20
  • Initial market cap and liquidity will start between 2,100$ – 4,200$ maybe less
  • The price at launch will be between 0.001$ – 0.006$

What Does Televerse $OneTele Plans to Establish

The developers plan to launch 20 consecutive cryptocurrency projects inside one telegram group. This includes 10 “True Burn” hyper-deflationary tokens with low supply amounts and 10 with a higher supply. 

The ultimate goal is to make Kingpin Studio a major player in the comic industry and Televerse a key competitor in the crypto space/web 3.0 space. As mentioned above the in the last bullet point development of the multi asset staking platform and nft collection will begin immediately after the first launch as well as the first few original characters. 

Conclusion And Major Fun Fact

Stop chasing green candles, join and help build a community preferably televerse $Onetele with there revolutionary hyper deflationary true burn tokenomics, projects 1-10 are low supply tokens designed to attract build and maintain a large community, projects 11-20 will be higher supply tokens with similar tokenomics, by the time they make it to projects 11-20 the community will be huge, this is where the developers will attempt to create new millionaires the same way Shiba Inu and Saitama did with the higher supply tokens. Lastly a  major fun fact: each additional project/contract will “True Burn” a percentage of the previous projects/contracts total supply which will increase the burn rate without raising taxes which in return will encourage investors to hold/hodl previous and subsequent projects/contracts, Satoshi Nakamoto the anonymous bitcoin creator couldn’t dream of better tokenomics!!!

Presale Link Only 12,000 Tokens Available

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