Popular Korean eye massager WIBE b1 entered the US market

December 21 23:46 2022
Popular Korean eye massager WIBE b1 entered the US market

WIBE b1, which is receiving the highest evaluation in the Korean premium eye massager market, is known to have finally entered the US market and is drawing attention.

As eye fatigue due to digital proliferation is rapidly increasing worldwide, Korea’s WiBE Co., Ltd. has launched a product called WIBE B1 in Korea that applies LED wavelength, which is the core technology of its existing LED mask. WIBE b1 activates the clogged oil layer of the meibomian gland by delivering 38ºC heat to the eyes to prevent low-temperature burns, and LED wavelength stimulates and activates the blood vessels under the eyes.

Wibe Co., Ltd. is a company that developed and manufactured the LED mask Eco Face, which has sold more than 120,000 units in Korea alone under the slogan of “creating healthy and beautiful new values.” Wibe Co., Ltd., which has its own development and technology, has entered the US Amazon market with a new product that will satisfy the needs of modern people who are tired of their eyes due to long-time PC and smartphone use and consumers who are worried about the skin around their eyes.

WIBE b1 can help modern people improve eye fatigue and skin care around the eyes, and there are two color models, pink and silver.

WIBE B1, Eye Care Solution Wireless LED Light Massager, is currently able to purchase on U.S. Amazon. 


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