Writer Dr. Hal Bradley Brings His Story as A Drug Smuggler, Veteran, Pastor, and Prisoner to Life in New Books and A Television Series

December 21 18:55 2022
“Surviving the Unsurvivable.” One Man’s War Against the Cartels

Dr. Hal Bradley, a prolific writer, is celebrating the success of his critically acclaimed novels and new television and podcast deals with Voyage Media Corporation.

Drawing on his unique life experiences, Dr. Hal Bradley was born in Seattle Washington. Sent to a small town in Central Mexico in 1969, he became exposed to a local drug cartel in his teenage years and transitioned from a low-level smuggler to becoming the largest distributor of cocaine in the Pacific Northwest. In 1993, he walked into the U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle to find a way out. Facing prison and death, he was sentenced to eight years in federal prison, only to be released two years early to become a contractor for two federal agencies under the Department of Justice.

Over 17 years, he navigated the risks and perils of undercover work and survived some of the greatest challenges he has ever faced, including numerous foreign missions, being kidnapped, and surviving a kill order. During this time, he received formal ordination as a pastor, earned a doctorate in pastoral counseling, and served in the homeless community for 19 years, including senior pastor for three years, receiving his state license in private investigations, all the while jumping off on missions.

His captivating story has long been the subject of media interest, and today Dr. Hal Bradley writes a collection of works, both non-fiction and fictionalized, that are inspired by his own true-life story as a former drug smuggler, Army veteran, government contractor, and pastor. Each book has gone on to attract rave reviews and critical acclaim for readers around the world. In light of this success, Dr. Bradley’s story is actively being pursued by Voyage Media Corporation, a production company in Southern California, which plans to turn his life story into an action-packed television series and produce a four-part podcast series on his ability to survive what nobody thought possible.

To learn more about Dr. Hal Bradley, please visit DrHalBradley.com.

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