Joyflo Is Providing Unlimited Design And Webflow Development For Purpose-Driven Brands

December 20 18:12 2022
From logos to landing pages to ad designs to email banners, Joyflo has all design and Webflow development needs covered with their design and development plans. Joyflo is ideal for startups, marketing teams, digital agencies, entrepreneurs, and more.

All businesses need a great, professional web designer on their side. From maintenance on a website to creating a logo and designing ads, this role is crucial for success in the digital market. Unfortunately, many startups, small businesses, and small agencies just don’t have the budget to hire an employee to complete this role. Without the skills, education, and knowledge of an experienced web designer, site maintenance can lag, and the media being put out can lack a professional touch. 

That’s where Joyflo comes in. With monthly, quarterly, and annual options as well as two separate packages, they can handle all of a business’s design and Webflow development needs without that business needing to hire additional employees. 

What Joyflo offers to their clients

Joyflo was founded by Rebecca Lowe. As a Senior UI, Brand Designer, and Certified Webflow Partner, her experience and knowledge are invaluable to any business. Joyflo is an asynchronous company with a completely remote team. This gives better accessibility and aids in their industry-leading turnaround times. Even with some of the fastest turnaround times, they never sacrifice the quality of work and always put out a polished and refined product. 

So what services are included with an Unlimited Design and Webflow Development plan with Joyflo? Joyflo’s services can be categorized into two main areas. The first is UI and Brand Design. This portion of the service includes:

–  Responsive website design
–  Prototyping
–  Visual identity
–  Brand guidelines and style guides
–  Email and blog graphics
–  Logo and icon design
–  Business card and stationery design
–  UI Libraries
–  Mobile app design
–  Website and social media graphics
–  Presentation design
–  Signage, brochures, and packaging
–  Dashboard design
–  Infographics and data visualization

The second part of Joyflo’s Unlimited Design and Webflow Development plan is the Webflow portion.
This includes:

–  Webflow development
–  Responsive layouts
–  Landing pages
–  Integrations
–  Site maintenance and bug fixes
–  Optimized class naming
–  Speed optimization
–  WordPress to Webflow migration
–  CMS build and management
–  Database setup and management
–  Custom items
–  Webflow animations

All these services are available at an unlimited capacity. This means that any projects or day-to-day website and overall digital needs are available at the same standard rate being paid, making it easy to budget and save money. Learn more here

How to get set up with Joyflo

To get all of the services that Joyflo offers, one would need to hire multiple employees. Instead of going through the hiring process and putting out large amounts of money for salary and benefits, Joyflo can be signed up for in just a couple of minutes. They’ve already put the work into establishing a highly professional team, saving their clients from costly and time-consuming training, onboarding, and more. 

For 2023, Joyflo is even offering a $10k discount for the first ten clients to sign on for a year of the Unlimited plan by booking a call with them. For a fraction of what hiring an employee would cost, Joyflo can keep all the digital and web needs of a business looking and feeling professional and efficient.

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