The Ice Garden in Daejeon’s Sangso-dong Forest Park, a popular place for winter photos, opens on December 23

December 20 17:17 2022

Sangso-dong Forest Park has a variety of facilities for experiencing nature and resting. In particular, the park’s many stone pagodas are a sight to behold. It is a place that provides a meaningful experience where people from different walks of life, such as family members and couples, can build stone pagodas with wishes for family health or other wishes. From spring through autumn, there are numerous wildflowers to appreciate, and it is a location to visit with a light heart to enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, and recreation.

When the winter weather arrives in December and January, stone pagodas and tree sculptures are built. An ice garden is open, using water from the surrounding valleys to make ice walls and towers. In the ice garden there is a photo zone between the shimmering ice barriers in the morning, making it a favorite site for winter photos. At night, it shines with multicolored lights, reminiscent of a scene from the movie Frozen. As the snow piles up on the stone pagodas with unusual architecture, you can experience the distinct sensation of winter.

Sangso-dong Forest Park is one of the “Eight Views of Dong-gu,” and it is a popular park where you can sense the profound fragrance of autumn. The plane tree-lined tunnel on the route is the pinnacle of colorful and magnificent scenery. Families, friends, and couples can camp by pitching a tent. In the summer, you can cool down in the valley while listening to the sounds of birds at the outdoor swimming pool built with a debris barrier halfway up the mountain.

Sangso-dong Forest Park, a representative tourist destination in Dong-gu, Daejeon, has been named one of the “Top 100 Non-contact Tourist Attractions,” along with Sikjangsan Mountain Cultural Park and Maninsan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest. The 100 non-contact tourist locations were chosen with the goal of assisting people in traveling relatively leisurely and safely in Korea while avoiding the coronavirus. Additionally, you can enjoy camping at Sangso Auto Camping Site. The campsite is divided into four sections that circle a center lawn square. Daejeon’s most popular tourist sites are near the camping site, including Maninsan Mountain, Bomunsan Mountain, Sikjangsan Mountain, Daejeon O-World, and Ppuri Park. There are several restaurants and cafes where you can have a pleasant meal.

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