Learn how to achieve Goals with coach Abir Malaeb

June 28 13:04 2022
Learn how to achieve Goals with coach Abir Malaeb
Learn how to achieve Goals with coach Abir Malaeb
“Setting goals is an easy task to undergo, but achieving these goals or not is what determines the value of your abilities and power too.” Abir Malaeb. So how to achieve these goals or even set them up? Simply attend coach Abir Malaeb’s course which is going to be on 12 and 13 of July, 2022.

Have you struggled with setting goals for yourself? Or maybe you have struggled with achieving your goals? Want a hand to help you set your goals or even set a strategy to achieve these goals? There’s no better time to take stock of your short- and long-term goals and make things happen! All you need is follow up with the best strategy ever given by the best and the well-known coach Abir Malaeb.

Abir Malaeb is a Lebanese health and wellness coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, holistic and health researcher and a “femininity coach” based in Turkey. Abir has recently shared a new post on her Instagram account “abir-malaeb” announcing the date in which she’s going to start giving her new course “the road leading to success”.

The course is going to be for two days only starting from 12th of July,2022 and end the following day. Mainly the live class is going to start at 5:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm.

The course is going to be divided into 10 chapters as the following:

1) The effect of intent on the goal

2) The influence of your subconscious mind on your goals What is awareness and what is “conscious pressure” – the secret to surrender

3) The subconscious messages you send towards your target

4) The secret of your belief in the goal

5) People’s energy and influence

6) success factors

7) what is awareness and what is the conscious pressure

8) the secret to surrender 

9) What is transfiguration

10) Success at all levels

In order to register in the course, contact her on the phone number: 0097466175005, and you will get all the info regarding the coarse including the way of payment.

This announcement has caught the attention of her followers who were really excited to hurry up to call and reserve their seats.

“You set your goals, and your goals set you alive, so don’t miss up this course. Hurry up to join us next month.” – Abir Malaeb.

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