LOOP Announces Super Scalable Powerful Blockchain Defi Platform

June 28 10:01 2022

Reykjavic, Iceland – LOOP has just announced a super scalable powerful blockchain Defi platform. The platform is designed for a decentralized exchange, which means that it will allow users to mint synthetic assets. This allows them to bet on the price of a particular asset without actually owning it. Moreover, it will allow users to invest in cryptocurrencies in which there is no physical presence, without ever having to pay for it.

Loop Network has also been implementing standards to ensure that its smart contracts and token interfaces are scalable and composable. This ensures that tokens can be used across networks. This is crucial, as they’ll need to be compatible with existing exchanges. There are some major advantages to LOOP’s decentralized platform. The platform will allow users to create their digital assets and trade them.

What are the Loop Network and the principle behind it?

The Loop Network is a Blockchain Layer-1 crypto project that has been designed purposefully for 5 extremely essential points. The entire project’s existence revolves around these 5 principles only, namely:

• ​Speed

• ​Security

• ​Flexibility

• ​Scalability

• ​EVM compatibility

The Loop Network provides a platform for converting traditional digital contracts into smart digital contracts, keeping them up with the latest evolving technology. Not just that, the five principles as mentioned earlier bring forth a lot of benefits for the layman of the crypto trading community.

This project is designed to provide the utmost level of security and practicality for its investors. As of this moment, it is available to trade on popular exchanges anywhere.

• ​Developed keeping in mind Decentralized Applications

The entire project revolves around being transparent to be compatible with Decentralized Applications that promote the latest financial system unlike the conventional highly regulated and opaque banking systems worldwide.

• ​Increased Scaling

The Loop Network provides a super enlarged system for scaling that in turn encourages smooth functioning and speedy transactions. The team has developed a distributed ledger system that splits super-resolution images into patches, unlike the state-of-the-art method, in this work each patch can be distributed to different nodes in this way the failed nodes cannot interfere with the system.

• ​Programmable money

One of the brightest ideas of this crypto project is that it provides a unique ability to a user that allows them to convert conventional contracts into smart digital contracts. In other words, the Loop Network unifies the two worlds of crypto and ordinary currency. One can use their crypto assets like Bitcoin to do actions such as the ones they might with an ordinary currency like lending, borrowing, or even scheduling payments for index funds.

• ​Support both crypto assets as well as Non-Fungible Tokens

The network provides the creation of both assets as well as NFTs with the added benefit of high security, and scalability all while being compatible with the latest exchanges.

What makes Loop Network different and better?

One’s obvious question about this project will be what it has to offer that makes it so special. For those who are wary of the security of their investments in a rising frenzy of Ponzi schemes, the Loop Network comes as a promising deal.

The project is hailed by its popular auditors which one will find more about as they read further:

• ​Audited by RDauditos and TechRate. Certik Audit is currently underway and a positive report is soon to be published.

• ​The Testnet is already live and functional.

• ​Successful CEX listing on platforms like XT.com, IndoEx, and P2PB2B. More listings are currently in progress and will soon be made live across platforms.

• ​NFT collection, Oracle, and Defi integration underway.

• ​DEX is fully functional on the Testnet and the BSC Mainnet.

Now, another thing that promises a bright future ahead for this project is the roadmap. The roadmap is as follows:

• ​Loopscan Dummy Version

• ​Testnet v1 Launch

• ​Public Testnet Launch

• ​Deploy Contract Testnet

• ​Block Explorer for Testnet

• ​Logo and Website Update

• ​Listing on Market Tracker

• ​Dex for Testnet

• ​Mainnet Beta Launch

• ​More Partnership

• ​Protocol Upgrade

• ​NFT Marketplace Launch

• ​Validator open for Public

• ​New CEX Listings

• ​Press Release

• ​More CEX Listing

• ​100+ dApps Launch

• ​Bridge DEX

• ​Promising Algorithm Support

Tokenomics of the Crypto Asset LOOP

This project’s crypto-asset goes by the name of LOOP. As mentioned earlier, it is available to trade on exchanges like XT.com, IndoEx, and P2PB2B.

The exact tokenomics for this asset is as follows:

Total Supply: 200.000.000 LOOP

Circulating Supply: 180.000.000 LOOP

Team Token : 20.000.000 (10%)

Liquidity Token : 180.000.000 (90%)

The tax that will be collected will be set for two purposes only:

40% for Marketing, 60% for Blockchain Development

As the main Loop Network project gains momentum and popularity, so will the LOOP asset. Combined with the security and compatibility of this project’s algorithm, it will make a smart investment provided that one gets on the train at the right time, before it blows up in popularity and value.


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Contact Person: Robert Artem

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://theloopnetwork.org

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