BIG HEAD ITALY launches Dissonantia, a CGI animated mini-series that makes the mind sparkle

June 28 04:57 2022
Big Head Italy, an audiovisual production company that specializes in the animation industry, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to produce the mini-series “Dissonantia – The Last Glimmers.”

BIG HEAD ITALY is out to make waves globally with the latest production of Bighead Animation, “Dissonantia: The Last Glimmers,” a CGI animated mini-series that makes the mind sparkle.

The CGI animation of the series will be carried out utilizing an unreal engine, with the aid of Neuron Studio Motion Capture system, REALLUSION Face Capture system, and Fox Renderfarm for the IT systems.

“BIG HEAD ITALY’s creative production seeks to raise awareness on the different social disorders. Animation is the way to go since it is the most effective way to reach a younger audience,” explains Manuel Izzo of BIG HEAD ITALY.

The series plot revolves around Dustin, a boy with relational disorders who only communicates with the support of an alter ego: a talking puppet that he always together with him wherever he goes. 

One day, while facing his usual bullying, two of his classmates, Tom and Valeria, who were intrigued by his strange reaction and the cryptic black figures that follow him, came to rescue him. This resulted in a strong bond among the three characters. 

During a class trip, Dustin suddenly disappears before their eyes into a dazzlingly lit hole. The two children, dispirited by the authorities’ refusal to believe what has happened, set out on a mission to look for their friend. However, they soon discovered that they were being hunted down by shady characters, the Couriers, who pull them into another dimension. 

They suddenly find themselves in a hyper-technological city, Apathia, whose dwellers have long since chosen to do away with emotions. They make the acquaintance of Nozama, a cybernetic entity that turns humans into emotionless machines. However, just when the cold technocracy is on the brink of prevailing, a boy who can master his emotions will lead the way to bring hope back to the world of Apathia.

BIG HEAD ITALY announced that those who would share their referral link with friends would earn a 10% cashback. To get started, they must sign in with a PledgeBox backer account and click the “Boost Now” button to generate their unique shortened link.

Afterward, they need to share the link to their networks and encourage friends to pledge to the campaign. They can now start referring to their dashboard and watch their commissions roll in. After the campaign ends, the creator would pay the commission based on the pledge they bring in successfully. Those who want to sign in to participate may create an account by visiting Dissonantia’s Pledgeboost website.

BigHead Italy is a multi-ethnic team made up of skilled professionals in the animation industry, laser-focused on the purpose of fostering innovative content in the animation market for young / adults. Driven by the hunger to bring together young promises in the sector and supply an original product in the European sector, the company has gathered over 50 professionals with the same passion for emerging in the sector. 

Those who want to learn more about BIG HEAD ITALY and “Dissonantia – The Last Glimmers” may visit the website for more information.

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