Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Upgrades from Manual to Power Cutting Tools

June 22 00:13 2022

Santa Rosa, California – After years of relying on manual cutting tools for tree pruning and tree trimming, Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa has finally decided to upgrade to powered tools. This decision came after the company decided to start cutting costs for its customers. With the new power cutting tools, the company hopes to significantly reduce the time it spends on tree trimming and tree pruning procedures. This will, in turn, help homeowners spend at least 30% less on these tree improvement procedures.

Tree pruning and tree trimming are extremely vital tree maintenance procedures,” said the Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa CEO. “For instance, homeowners in Santa Rosa use tree pruning to boost the safety and health of their trees. On the other hand, tree trimming helps improve the aesthetic appeal of trees.”

Because of their benefits,” added the CEO, “the two tree care procedures have been the most requested over the years. However, one thing the company has failed its customers for so long is keeping its manual cutting tools. While the tools are capable of doing a good job on each tree, they make tree trimming and tree pruning too time-consuming.”

The CEO noted that his company charges for tree pruning and tree trimming based on the time spent on each tree. According to the company owner, a tree trimming procedure taking 6 hours, will be costlier than a tree trimming procedure that can be completed in 2 hours.

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To this point,” said the Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa CEO, “homeowners have not complained about the company’s prices. However, this is just because the company has done everything in its power to maintain a price much lower than what other tree service providers in this region offer. Now, with the new tree maintenance tools, homeowners can expect to get even better quotations for their tree pruning and tree trimming procedures.”

The CEO noted that the company received more than 10 different types of powered cutting tools. These tools will reportedly allow the company to handle the most complicated tree pruning and tree trimming procedures with ease.

In Santa Rosa, California,” said the Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa CEO, “homeowners have all varieties of trees. In most cases, each of these trees will have specific needs. For example, when trimming a hardwood tree, professionals may need a power cutting tool that is heavier in terms of the power it produces. However, when pruning a softwood tree, a less powered tool may work. To ensure the team had something for each type of tree care procedure, the company got 10 different types of power cutting tools.”

The CEO noted that his company will not just stop after acquiring the power cutting tools. He noted that his next step will involve purchasing an additional crane and bucket truck.

In addition to handling tree pruning and tree trimming,” said the company’s CEO, “Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa also handles tree removals and emergency tree services. These two procedures are often surrounded by various complications—for instance, the trees could be standing next to a house or other vital utilities. For such trees, extreme care has to be taken.”

The CEO noted that with a crane, the company can control the falling direction of the riskiest trees, eliminating the risk of property damage. Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa hopes to add an extra crane and bucket truck within the next 4 months.

Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa’s base of operation is located at 1101 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +17072483676 and [email protected]

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