Mayhem: Bite the Hand Mystery Novel by N. A. Fulton Now Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

January 25 11:58 2022

Hollywood Writer/Producer N. A. Fulton has released her latest mystery novel, Mayhem: Bite the Hand, exclusively on Amazon. It is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and available for purchase by anyone at


N. A. Fulton, author of multiple books in the mystery genre, has released her latest mystery novel, Mayhem: Bite the Hand on Amazon. For more information on her work, visit

Mayhem: Bite the Hand

Rob Gigot, working security for his father’s elite law firm, is tasked with keeping high-profile Hollywood types out of trouble until they get to court.

Except, rockstar KZ has gone from suicidal to homicidal since being charged with his girlfriend’s murder, and Rob is starting to think guys like him are why guns were invented.

Hollywood’s declared war on gorgeous leading actress Amber Baudlin, and she’s declared war right back. Keeping her out of trouble is going to make Rob more famous than a guy with his issues ever ought to be.

But it is artist-provocateur Victor Vogel, hated by millions, that’s going to push Rob right over the edge. What Vogel does to women is shocking. That he is determined to do it to Rob is crossing the line.

Rob’s a recovering addict with serious anger management issues and a lot of skeletons in his closet. He is well aware that dealing with his dad’s clients pays really, really well, but it is also likely to end up with some people dead, dead, dead.

Talking about Mayhem, the author says, “Rob is a blast to write for because he’s a really dangerous guy trying really hard to get his head screwed on straight. Unfortunately, he has some very crazy high-flying Hollywood types he’s required to cope with. These people, and the lives they live, are insane. They don’t know the meaning of the word “boundaries”, they’ve got no attachment to the word “normal”, and they have never profited from being reasonable. These folks rightly consider themselves the exception to almost every rule. That’s what money and fame tend to buy you, at least for a good, long while.”

The author goes on to say, “I love writing about life here in LA LA Land because it is such a trip. What is and what isn’t okay here changes every single day, and it varies based on who is doing it. What is legal and what isn’t seems to vary based on who the do-er is as well. Do you have a lot of money? Can you afford one of the best lawyers in the country? Do you have millions of fans ready, willing, and able to support you no matter what? Then you live in a very tolerant world. Rob’s not entirely sure that’s okay. In fact, when you’re the guy he’s trying to victimize, he’s absolutely sure it’s not. He’s ready, willing, and able to set some limits, and if someone accidentally ends up dead, he has places to hide their body.”

About Kindle Unlimited, Fulton says, “I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, and it took me a while to become one. But what sold me, and what continues to sell me, is having access to more than a million books I can read free with my membership. And the books I can read are actually the books I most want to read. I like that there are also new books all the time. As a writer, I like being able to give readers the best possible bang for their buck, and I think making my work available on Kindle Unlimited makes that easy. Obviously, anyone can buy my book on Amazon, but it’s nice to give avid readers a break through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service.”

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