Hottest dystopian metaverse game set to release in Q1 2022

January 25 11:38 2022 is without a doubt one of the hottest crypto gaming metaverse projects on Ethereum out there. Combining the cutting-edge technologies of web3, the team behind has created an immersive metaverse experience with its unique decentralized economy, a DAO structure (decentralized autonomous organization), a deflationary native token with in-built staking mechanics, and tons of rewards for its active users. is set in the dystopian future of 2337 where the world is powered by magic and brute power. The game starts when the player chooses one of five hero classes and builds items and spells tailored to the enemy they are fighting. The Art directors are none other than the original art directors from Dota 2. The turn-based strategy allows you to play with friends, fight against other teams, raid bosses for huge monetary rewards, or participate in weekly tournaments where unique items can be won. is highly addictive where learning the basics is simple, but mastering it can prove to be a life-long journey.  All this is made possible with the native $SRV (Survival token). The backbone of’s economy. $SRV owners can stake it for extra rewards, use it to cast votes, and pave the way for’s future via voting. This ensures that all major decisions are in accordance with the community’s wishes.

“The advancements of Web3 and DeFi have allowed us to build the game of our dreams. Built for gamers, by gamers,” says Alex, CEO.

But it is so much more than that. It’s an entire economy, a fully autonomous metaverse where one could game, trade NFTs, stake tokens, test their skills against other players, and spend time within the community. It truly shows the next generation of not only crypto gaming but finance as well – modern finance gamified. Other than the obvious benefits of earning money, and having fun doing it,  another long-term community benefit is that it exposes younger players to a real economy without any risk. is entirely free to play, unlike many of the currently active crypto games, they do not require an initial investment to participate in’s metaverse.

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