Green Living SHK Provide Wooden Cleaning Brush Set

January 25 11:24 2022
Green Living SHK Provide Wooden Cleaning Brush Set
Green Living SHK Releases a 20% Discount Price for a Wooden Cleaning Brush Set
Green Living SHK offers a 20% discount price on a wooden cleaning brush set. It helps people who are new in applying a zero-waste lifestyle.

Green Living SHK, a shop specializing in providing high-quality eco-friendly products, is offering a 20% discount price for their wooden cleaning brush set. The idea of releasing this discount is to support people who are starting to live in a zero-waste at home. A store representative explained, “This shop chooses wood as the material because it is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than plastic or other non-biodegradable materials. We also try to show that the quality of wooden products is the same as non-wooden products. So, this can be a good alternative.”

The discount will also ensure people new to sustainable products and living to try to buy this set. It shows that these products are also affordable and effective in cleaning the entire kitchen. The representative of the company stated, “Despite the discount, customers will get our regular product. It means we don’t sacrifice the quality only because of reducing the cost. We even offer it in a set.” Customers are about to get several brushes, including a brush for cleaning dishes, bottles, pots, and pans. The wooden cleaning brush set is not only offering its effective function but also a stylish model. The model is simple and aesthetic, and perfect for all types of kitchen interior styles.

The shop representative described, “Wood material makes the kitchen feel warmer and cozier. The cozier the atmosphere of the kitchen, the better the mood to cook.” The manufacturer is not only using wood to produce this cleaning brush set but also sisal fiber or coconut palm bristle. They produce it without using glue, chemicals, BPA, and plastic. The representative of the shop clarified, “Some people may have a problem with bad odor while using wooden kitchen utensils. Our research and development team tries to find the solution for this problem. Now, we offer zero waste kitchen utensils without a stinky smell, including this cleaning brush set.”

Cleaning brushes is also easy. Users only need to use lukewarm water and wash the brushes manually. Hang dry the brushes for a few hours before reusing them. This zero waste shop expects that the products are not only stylish but also effective and help to save the environment. People can also buy the product immediately, along with the 20% discount price. It means they can buy a variety of sustainable kitchen utensils to practice a zero-waste living principle maximally and consistently at home.

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