Epic Cycles Alerts Riders Regarding De-restricting Electric Bikes

January 25 11:08 2022
Epic Cycles Alerts Riders Regarding De-restricting Electric Bikes

Epic Cycles, a manufacturer of bicycles and e-bikes, is informing riders about how to derestricted their electric bikes on roadways. This comes after several riders expressed frustration over not being able to accelerate beyond the legal speed limit of 25km/h without running the risk of their bikes tripping off, which kills the fun of e-biking. Despite safety concerns, many bikers believe the speed limit is too low for a motor-powered bike designed for long-distance rides.

This is why Epic Cycles is educating riders on how to derestricted their electric bikes. It gives riders the option to decide how to travel around the city while optimizing an e-bike’s performance in terms of speed and range. “While most electric bikes are great at doing what they were designed for, we believe that they can be even better in some situations. Our objective is to ensure that riders are able to maximise the utility of these bikes by having the control to adapt and derestricted as necessary,” an Epic Cycles spokesperson said.

Tuning or de-restricting electric bikes is a tricky process because it comes down to the balance between the fun factor, power, and safety. But it is possible to get the two former while also having a bit of safety built-in. A lot depends on the type of rider. While some riders, particularly those who participate in sports and long-distance commuters, may wish to keep the ride above a certain speed, others simply need to have fun and relax a bit more on acceleration.

De-restricting an electric bike disables the pedal-assist feature, which is in charge of monitoring the electrical power delivered by the bike’s motor. This technology measures the drive generated by a combination of pedalling intensity and speed and ensures it stays within the manufacturer’s limit. The limit is confined to the travel safety regulation, and once reached, the system disables the drive. When the e-bike is tuned, it may reach speeds of more than 25km/h. But then, there are implications.

  • In this situation, the rider loses all warranty rights with the manufacturer
  • Derestriction implies that motorized bicycles are in violation of the law
  • Battery drains faster due to the bike’s excessive motor load
  • E-bikes typically peak at 60km/h, as opposed to some ridiculous speeds advertised

Though these factors might pose a concern, they pale in comparison to the thrills and satisfaction derived from de-restricting an electric bike. According to Epic Cycles, a rider can derestrict a bike using either the handy method or specific tuning kits. The first option boils down to the type of e-bike in question. Not all bikes can be tuned via this technique.

If a bike permits the option, the rider can remove the sensor from the frame base. This component analyses the bike speed (a factor centred on the wheel’s circumference) and pedalling and transmits the information to the controller (pedal-assist feature) that determines the motor’s drive. The rider also moves a magnet from the rear wheel, which determines the wheel’s rpm to a different section, ideally the pedal bracket, with a lower frequency. The final step entails placing the sensor in front of the magnet.

Tuning kits expedite and simplify the procedure. Furthermore, riders may revert the e-bikes to the pre-set settings at any moment.

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