AUSMT Offers A Share Of Its 100% Renewable Energy Mining Farm To Token Holders

January 24 12:40 2022
The first Australia’s Renewable Energy is giving Token Holders their daily rewards through Aus Mining Token

Australia’s first 100% renewable energy mining farm, AUSMT, is thrilled to announce that it is offering a daily percentage of its renewable energy to token holders. In addition, the company just successfully concluded its launch on Pancake Swap, a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap between cryptocurrency assets of choice by using the user-generated liquidity pools.

AUSMT is currently in its pre-sale stage, making secure hash power available to the crypto community with 40% of all transactions produced by AUSMT farm. Highly prioritizing the AUSMT token holders, the company distributes 40% of all transactions back to the token holders after they have been generated.

AUSMT has been on this project for quite some time, setting up renewable energy, the miners and the solar farm to meet the needs of the crypto market in Australia. The company understands that the crypto community is fast growing in other parts of the world, and the advantages it adds to the country’s economic growth are enormous. Against this backdrop, AUSMT is doing the best things possible to ensure that Australia becomes the largest hash provider in the years to come. ­This is a long-term sustainable plan that the company is actively working towards achieving – it will be an outstanding achievement to be a significant player in this new path for Australia in the crypto market.

As the crypto space is gradually changing into a multichain community, AUSMT has set a six-month mark to establish a cross-chain liquidity/lending platform that will enable cross-chain transfers where users can access additional lending features and deposit their assets with no restrictions. Through this liquidity platform, users are assured that their funds are secured, transactions are super fast and easy, and networks can expand easily to allow for more decentralized applications to guarantee user privacy.

“The AUSMT’s token name is Ausminingtoken with 100b supply because we are good for the environment as a 100% renewable energy mining farm. AUSMT has multiple ways to bring profits to token holders. Just by holding your token, you will receive reflections every time a buy/sell transaction occurs,” the company’s spokesperson.

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