ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE Provides High School Students with Foreign Exchange Programs

January 24 17:09 2022
ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE, a sponsored foreign exchange program that allows high school students to study abroad, provides information to students on how to apply for their foreign exchange programs.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a Rotarian coordinated program that offers high school students access to study abroad through their exchange programs. These Rotarians are an association of people from different backgrounds that includes professional, business, and community leaders who provide charitable services to create peace and goodwill around the world. Students who scale through their selection process also get the opportunity to learn a new way of life, language, and to also become global citizens. Since the inception of the program, they have conducted almost 10,000 student exchanges every year, and they do not discriminate based on socio-economic and demographic characteristics.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE commented, “We have designed the program in such a way that students from low-income families can participate. We are the lowest-cost student exchange program anyone can find. This is because the program is completely administered by volunteer Rotary club members”.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers students who have just graduated from high school the opportunity to participate in a long-term exchange program popularly known as the study abroad program. This exchange takes place during their gap year, and they will be required to attend high school full-time in their assigned country. The program lasts for one academic year and participating students will stay with 2-3 families in their host country. Participants do not also need to worry about their safety, as the host Rotary club ensures careful screening for families who want to host them. 

Some of the benefits participating students get to enjoy include: serving as an ambassador for their country and community, making lifelong friends, not only within the host country but, also with other exchange students from around the world, assuming leadership roles as a result of lessons from the experience, and building memories that will be with them forever. Those that want to know about how to apply for foreign exchange programs can contact ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE via their website.

The spokesperson of ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE further commented, “We have a scholarship program for participating students and it covers room, board, tuition, and a monthly stipend that is valued over $24,000. This scholarship program is to reduce the burden of the cost on parents”.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers an easy path for high school students to explore the world, which they might not be able to achieve easily if they want to follow the process required to travel abroad to study or for vacation. They also learn how to be self-reliant, get a platform to build their network, enjoy and appreciate a different culture, and more.


ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a foreign exchange student program coordinated and financed by Rotary International. The cost of the program has been kept low to allow all eligible students to participate. However, they will be responsible for costs such as round trip airfare, travel documents, travel insurance, emergency funds, and language camp. People looking for foreign exchange programs for high school students can contact ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE.

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