Esya Shares Why It’s Time to “Rightsource”

January 24 16:15 2022
Esya Shares Why It’s Time to "Rightsource"
Companies are rethinking how they hire; it’s time to shift from Outsourcing to Rightsourcing.

For years, startups relied on outsourcing to build their businesses in a piecemeal fashion. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the global shift to hybrid conditions, businesses are now changing how they transact and hire talent.

It’s not enough to rely on outsourcing critical services to third parties. To stay competitive, businesses need to be open to adapting and changing their strategies.

Esya, a dynamic global venture builder, says it’s time to look beyond the traditional sourcing methods and turn towards rightsourcing as businesses focus on creating value networks with a strategic partnership.

“Outsourcing is dead; it’s time to Rightsource,” says Gopal Patel, General Partner at Esya.

Matching a task to the most suitable person takes time, effort, and money. Pre-pandemic, it took companies 1000 hours to hire just a dozen developers.

With competition skyrocketing during the pandemic, that time nearly doubled.

Rightsourcing provides a reliable and expedient way to inject expertise in businesses without delays and the potential operational risks often associated with outsourcing. By hiring in-house but remotely, it builds a pipeline of suitable talents from multiple channels, enabling startups to find the right team and deliver outcomes more efficiently.

Using rightsourcing means tapping into a global pool of experts in different fields and accessing resources that match every business need. This level of connectedness provides unique opportunities to build diverse bridges and work with talent that drive maximum value but at a much lower cost.

Compared to traditional outsourcing, startups have much greater managerial control. They can fill the in-house skills gap and mitigate the risk of data leak and exposure often facilitated by fragmented teams. Talent is developed and nurtured, and company culture is embedded. Additionally, there’s a stronger sense of investment through more robust legal, contractual arrangements.

If done correctly, rightsourcing provides a wealth of benefits critical to business growth and success. Esya’s services provide the winning formula with its pool of world-class talents, systems, and transparent reporting tailored to deliver real-time progress and immediate impact.

Esya uses the Build Own Operate Scale & Transfer (BOOST) model to catalyse businesses from idea to investment in half the time. It provides the right combination of cost, quality, and risk reduction for each specific process to drive agile development, better mobility and support models, and business innovation.

For Esya, it’s not just about building companies well; it’s also about building companies with purpose and vision that will change behaviours and life for the better.

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