Help with Addiction, More Affordable Than Most Canadians Think, Says Private Rehab Center

January 24 11:02 2022
Help with Addiction, More Affordable Than Most Canadians Think, Says Private Rehab Center

Canadian addiction rehabilitation center is embarking on a mission to break misconceptions associated with rehab affordability.

One of the main gaps in rehab knowledge relates to exorbitant prices that are far out of reach for those who do not fall under the upper class of society. This is associated with high risks of those who need help most in overcoming their substance abuse being left feeling isolated and without options.

‘When it comes to accessing rehab services, many still believe it is something only reserved for the rich and famous. They picture these highly luxurious settings where only the wealthy and celebrities go. This could not be more wrong or harmful for the individual who is struggling with substance abuse. Therefore, we wanted to raise awareness of the range of options and the cost differences associated with each’, a key spokesperson commented.

According to the center, the price of rehab needs to take into consideration several factors, such as the type of treatment and medication accessed, the expertise of the staff and the center’s accreditations, the location and the length of treatment. 

‘Rehab costs are never black and white, and there is so much that goes into the different ranges available. If we take marijuana addiction rehab for example, an individual can choose between inpatient and outpatient. For those with mild addiction, outpatient treatments are typically recommended while for the most chronic cases, inpatient is best to effectively help them overcome it. However, this is just a general rule that is always evaluated jointly with other factors such as personal preference and yes, overall budget available. Our job here is to not restrict those who are asking for help but to find solutions that work for everyone. The time to speak up about this is now. This global pandemic has been ravaging people’s mental health due to extended periods of isolation and the stress and fear of the unknown, and we cannot blame people for finding their own ways to cope, albeit harmful. But equally, we cannot leave them without options for support and help’, added the spokesperson.

A recent study has showed that cannabis use among Canadians has remained stable during 2021, however over half of existing users have increased their consumption compared to before the start of the pandemic. The center has warned that this is just one example of substance abuse and misuse trend that has risen since 2020.

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As the name suggests, the center located in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario has been providing compassionate and expert services to those struggling with substance abuse and misuse. The center provides a holistic approach to rehab and addresses a wide range of addictions, from marijuana, cocaine, heroin and party drugs to alcohol and prescription medication.

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