Revolutionizing Modern Internships: How Students Like Max Diachenko are Ditching the Traditional Intern Model and Working For The Virginia Titan Division

December 01 14:09 2021
When Max Diachenko Took a Side Job Selling Cutco Cutlery with The Virginia Titan Division, He Didn’t Think Much Of It — Until It Gave Him the Tools, Confidence, and Success He Needed to Rise Above the Negativity

Whoever said social media never led to anything, hasn’t met Max Diachenko. In the summer of 2020, Max Diachenko was scrolling through Instagram when he stumbled across a job opportunity posted by one of his friends. Flexible hours, fully remote, no start-up costs, growth opportunities, and a high base-pay per appointment, he was sold — and so he began working as a sales representative at The Virginia Titan Division, the Virginia Division of Vector Marketing, the marketing arm of Cutco Cutlery. At first, not putting too much effort into it, he began work on an underwhelming note, which bred nothing but doubts and negativity from those around him. Eager to make it work, Max used the skepticism from the naysayers as fuel to apply himself 100% to the job where he would end the summer with over $21,000 in sales and $5,300 in base-pay and commissions. 

His parents and friend’s doubts rapidly shifted to astonishment as they began seeing Max thrive in a new light, with a new passion, and new drive. So what changed? When Max began working with The Virginia Titan Division, he was simply looking for some extra cash to pay off some debt. Little did he know that he was stepping into a one-of-a-kind opportunity to master the art of sales, learn under the best in the business, and harness the opportunity to take control of his finances, and his future. 

Not only did Max continue to kill it in sales, but he also found a like-minded community dedicated to success, and began to see the fruits of his labor in more ways than one. In February, Max won a trip to Miami for Super Bowl weekend, his team went to a Nationals game, attended countless dinners, won cash prizes, and took home free Cutco Cutlery as incentives for performance.  What Max did not expect was the valuable life skills he would learn working with The Virginia Titan Division. From money management to retirement funds, saving, taxes, networking, public speaking skills and everything in between, Max finally felt like he found a place where he could learn the things that school could not or would not teach him.  

“If you follow the same approach as everyone else and go to college, get your degree, then slowly work your way up a company’s ladder it’s just not going to be as rewarding. So I realized that after my first summer this was my vehicle to success after college that will help me land more opportunities than my peers and open more doors.” – Max Diachenko

As Max looks to the future and dedicates his focus towards achieving his Business Management degree from James Madison University, he is ditching the traditional idea of a summer internship for 2022 to take on a new challenge: to run and manage a Vector Marketing Branch office in the Virginia Titan Division where he will lead a team of his peers and set sights high on breaking sales records and helping others harness the success he’s found showing and selling Cutco Cutlery.

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The Virginia Titan Division is the Virginia division of Vector Marketing, a cutting-edge marketing agency dedicated to working hand-in-hand with college students to provide steady work and unlimited opportunities as the marketing arm of Cutco Cutlery. As the largest student work organization in North America, Vector Marketing partners with local schools to create a seamless remote work experience that works with any school schedule. Students work as remote customer sales and service representatives. Students get paid to set and conduct virtual meetings with potential clients to introduce the unparalleled quality of Cutco. Virginia Titan has harnessed a reputation for helping go-getter students stand out, earn scholarships and internships, and fast-track their path towards a successful future.





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