HGVT Provides CPC Training and Online Risk Assessment to Drivers in the UK

November 24 01:03 2021

Drivers driving special vehicles, just like other drivers, need to always stay compliant and protected. Not only are they protecting themselves, but they are also protecting other road users from harm and disadvantage. In ensuring the protection of drivers, there are several special vehicles training centres that have saddled themselves with this responsibility.

In the United Kingdom, HGVT, a leading HGV training centre with years of industry experience in the books, provides top-tier CPC Training and Online Risk Assessment Training to Drivers in the UK, to make them compliant while using the road.

An Industry Leading CPC Training

HGVC offers industry-leading and periodic CPC courses for individual drivers and teams, with training available online or on-site, at clients’ premises. The modules are prepared to meet the unique needs of clients, which is in a bid to ensure that they always remain safe and compliant, whenever they are on the road. Delivered by professional trainers, HGVC is miles ahead of competitors in CPC training UK-wide.

An HGVT spokesman expressed the potential the Academy offers, saying “The driver CPC qualification helps to improve the knowledge and skills of professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working years. As a leading CPC training centre, we have remained dedicated to providing drivers the tools to remain safe and compliant at every point in time on the road, thereby protecting themselves, as well as the lives of other road users. With years of industry experience providing this service, we have demonstrated expertise and professionalism that is needed to safeguard road users and drivers alike”.

“CPC Training From a Trusted Company”

HGVC has proved to be the most trusted and reliable leader in driver CPC training, industry-wide. This is because of their ability to combine an enthusiasm for drivers’ training, which stems from their expertise, knowledge, and thorough approach to professional driver development. Individuals who are looking to get CPC training to become driver can consult them online for their top-notch services that are both organization and individual-focused.

The spokesperson further added, “We are renowned for having the largest number of training centres in the UK, so our clients can be assured that there will be a driver CPC training course that their drivers can easily attend, even if they work across multiple locations. Also interesting to note is that we offer on-site training, where one of our professional and highly skilled trainers will come to clients’ business sites and train their drivers in the most efficient ways to be compliant and safe while travelling on the roads. We are bold to say that we have the best trainers to teach these courses in the industry where we serve.”

The Best Online Risk Assessment for UK Drivers

HGVT also offers drivers risk assessments that cover a lot of useful aspects such as concentration, anticipation and observation, driving behaviour and attitude, Highway Code knowledge, and other important aspects. All assessment results instantly provide company and driver risk levels, and help drivers to improve safety and performance.

This online risk assessment for driver is the best in the industry, and it helps with the improvement of drivers’ confidence as well as assists in the reinforcement of self-evaluation. HGVT is no doubt, the best in every driver’s training services in the UK.

People willing to know about HGVT and their Driver Academy should visit their website www.hgvt.co.uk for more details.

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