YS SPECIAL STEEL is getting attention for outstanding results in the injection molding industry for mold casting

November 22 03:00 2021


“Improved productivity for injection molding by 30%, emerging as a true game-changer in the 4th industrial revolution.”

There are various trends of change with the “With-Corona” policy globally.

In particular, the manufacturing industry has faced megatrends such as the aging society, high wages, and eco-friendly policy. To prepare for the 4th industrial revolution, many manufacturing companies are working hard to overcome these issues. Even worse, many other problems have aggravated the companies’ challenges, such as global inflation, disrupted logistics, labor shortages, reduced working hours, and carbon-emission-reduction initiatives.  

To overcome the issues companies face in the injection molding industry, YS SPECIAL STEEL’s mold casting has received much attention in the Korean market. It has produced innovative results in the field of mold casting with S Electronics, the No. 1 electronics company in the world. 

It has increased its productivity by 30%, improved the temperature uniformity of mold casting by 55% to increase mold life, and reduced the defect rate. Thanks to these significant achievements, it has applied for 6 domestic patents and 2 international patents. Currently, its mass production is being verified by the S Electronics in the factory in Europe and is bringing results for more than 2 months.     

A local mold technician said, “In the existing injection molding industry, we have improved the productivity with dissimilar joining, diffusion bonding, and robotic automation. But the new technology developed by YS SPECIAL STEEL has innovated the cooling time of injection molding, so it has fundamentally changed the norms of the industry.”

YS SPECIAL STEEL has become distinguished as a R&D leader in Korea’s special steel castings. It has produced outstanding results by putting efforts into developing materials and products for large Korean construction companies. Above all, it has significantly improved the offsite productivity by molding major connectors for modular construction and pre-fabrication with major construction companies in Korea.

The CEO of YS SPECIAL STEEL said, “We are a casting company specialized in R&D. We’ve achieved actual output by developing awareness of our developers and field staff and are open to working with other companies.” In line with that, he added, “We are currently in cooperation with foreign companies. If you want to know more details, please visit our website.”  

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