Rob Wiesenthal, CEO of BLADE, Discusses Storytelling and Transition from Sony to Startup

November 19 20:24 2021
Rob Wiesenthal, CEO of BLADE, Discusses Storytelling and Transition from Sony to Startup

Prior to entering the aviation industry, Rob Wiesenthal, CEO of BLADE Urban Air Mobility, formerly worked in the entertainment industry as the COO of Warner Music Group and CFO of Sony Corporation.

When asked if his newest job is very different from his time at Sony, Wiesenthal says that there’s more overlap than previously expected. “My family was always involved in the entertainment space. Everyone always asks me what it feels like to leave that side of the business, but I feel like I am in the entertainment business more than ever before.”

Rob Wiesenthal: an emotional connection to his roles

Wiesenthal believes there’s an emotional connection at the core of every job he’s held previously.

“We also have a run of show here, just like we do in the movie business. When you think about entertainment, whether it’s movies or music, you’re telling a story. And anything good should create a connection. It wasn’t so much of a shift for me. I don’t see it at all. People think it’s so different but it’s not,” he said.

Telling a Different Kind of ‘Story’

The BLADE CEO went on to say, “The one thing about spending a lot of time in entertainment, despite the fact that I was more financially-oriented and more business-oriented, was that a good song, a good film or a good TV show, it’s about the story. A great story. We tell stories in entertainment – a great song, film or TV show. I wanted to tell a story about the customer journey.”

An Unwavering Commitment to the Customer Experience

Rob Wiesenthal continued, “From the moment you see a BLADE ad, to when you walk into one of our lounges, to the way our staff is dressed, to the way they greet you, to the way you experience on-board, to what happens when you land, it was about creating a narrative that resonated with consumers, and creating these unique moments that people would share. We turned BLADE into a verb. You BLADE-ed to Nantucket, you BLADE-ed to the airport, and it meant something to people and that was really exciting.”

While taking a helicopter for a short distance is a modern practice, when it comes to how Wiesenthal consumes news, he prefers to stick to the old-fashioned way. “I consume news on a big screen. I like to see business news in the morning, what happened overnight when I was sleeping. I still like reading things on paper. I am very technological, but if I have to read or edit, I like to do it on paper.”

Rob Wiesenthal: A bright future for EVTOL and Electric Vertical Aircrafts

The Story of EVTOL is Just Getting Started

Rob Wiesenthal states, “Our goal is to make aviation more accessible by preparing for the adoption of EVA (Electric Vertical Aircraft). Quiet, carbon-neutral and cost-effective electric aircraft are currently being developed and flown by our investors and partners today.”

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