Creator Tool Plai Raises $2M To Democratize Digital Marketing

November 19 19:39 2021
Digital Marketing is made easier, better, and more affordable in a just a few taps.

Every business needs digital marketing to keep up and stand out from the crowd. But with digital marketing constantly changing, tools like Plai, which regularly gets updated on the latest digital marketing best practices, can help businesses keep a step ahead of their competitors – saving money, time, and effort.

Plai is the advertising tool built for the 50 million+ creators, microbusinesses, and solopreneurs. Just recently, they graduated from Y Combinator and were able to raise a $2M seed round.

Having worked on the ad products of both Google and Facebook, Logan Welbaum saw how difficult it was to launch effective ads – and that was what motivated him to start Plai.

With Plai, all the hard stuff is taken care of in just a few taps. Even without previous experience, small business owners can launch targeted ads from their phone in seconds. So instead of spending hundreds of hours learning Google Ads, TikTok Ads, or spending a lot of money hiring an expensive agency, creators and solopreneurs can use Plai to launch their campaigns. “We’re helping small businesses become big businesses,” says Logan.

Creators simply plug in their creative and budget, and then Plai runs their advertising campaign using the best strategies from Google and Facebook. Because of this, Plai does not just make digital marketing easier – it makes it better.

By providing automated ad improvements based on A/B testing, Plai helps businesses achieve better results over time. They allow businesses to include multiple graphics, ad text, targeting, and more in their ads to determine which ones work best for them. Moreover, Plai offers advertising templates to make marketing efforts easier and more time-efficient.

Simply put, Plai makes it easy for businesses to plan their own marketing campaigns, gain insights on their analytics, and target ads based on these insights.

With as little as $1 per day, anyone, regardless of experience, can effectively promote their brand and their product within seconds. Not to mention Plai users achieve a lower cost per click compared to industry standards, allowing their budgets to go further.

Today, Plai is live with thousands of customers and ranked #5 on the app store for marketing. Logan Welbaum, its founder, has built ad products at Google and Facebook, trained thousands of businesses on digital marketing, and has over 400k+ followers on TikTok, including Steve Harvey and Draco Malfoy, who follow for advertising advice.

For more information about Plai, visit their website at and follow them on TikTok at

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Plai is a growth marketing tool that lets people market their businesses from their smartphones – with no experience required or technical mumbo-jumbo. It is easier to set up and available on the go.

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