Guide2Free Introduces Consumers to Thousands of Brands Through Free Sample Products

October 13 03:07 2021
Guide2Free is an American website that was founded to help consumers learn more about different brands through sampling their products.

Even though most people find it easy to shop for brand-new snack products disregarding the label, the majority of people wouldn’t necessarily buy deodorants or a glass of fine wine simply because the packaging looks good.

According to the Product Sampling Study conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research, it is estimated that approximately 35% of customers who try a sample will buy the product within the same shopping trip. The study points out that “product sampling reaches 70 million consumers every quarter; sampling secures considerable results in both brand awareness and loyalty.”

However, not many brands are approaching sampling strategies for various reasons; some state that the percentage of converted buyers is too small, others point out that the funds and time could be invested in better ways.

Guide2Free is an American website that wants to familiarize consumers with brands that offer freebies and samples, allowing potential customers to try a range of products before paying a single cent.

On paper, Guide2Free is an eclectic index of brands, firms, and companies that offer free samples, but in actuality, G2F’s services are far more valuable. The niched categorization of free samples, coupons, and premium deals allow customers to easily find companies and products of interest.

Guide2Free is also helping consumers find opportunities to become product testers by providing links to brands that are searching for the aforementioned positions. This particular segment of G2F’s website is also meant to promote brands that are actively searching for new members of their respective platforms.

The Hot Deals section is a massive index of companies offering discounts on certain products. Each deal features a full description of the marketed product and the details regarding the current promotional event.

The brand itself is not stockpiling or mailing free samples and products. Guide2Free is a directory of free samples; G2F’s links bridge the gap between consumers and brands, and all of the information on Guide2Free’s website is available for free.

Guide2Free’s job is to communicate with brands that offer free samples, inquire about their credibility, and finally integrate freebies into their directory after approval.

The products featured on Guide2Free’s website are all 100% legitimately free samples. The brands guarantee the quality of the products they market through Guide2Free while G2F provides brands with exposure.

The main goal of Guide2Free is to help people learn how to acquire legitimate, free samples. The directory is vast and features items from all kinds of categories, including birthday freebies, education, games, automotive, baby, books, electronics, food & drink, home & garden, health, music, perfumes, photos, pet samples and so on.

Guide2Free is continuously updating its database with new deals, coupons, and free samples. More information about the company can be found on the brand’s official website.

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