Exciting Fun Ways For Children To Learn About Money through FUNancial Freedom

October 13 00:39 2021
FUNancial specialises in helping children from 7 – 17 years old to master business and entrepreneurship.

It has never been tougher to be a child or a teen than right now.

From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, teens are bombarded with messages from friends, advertisements and influencers posts across the never-ending variety of social media platforms.

Our children and teens lack clarity about who they are and what they should do as they become young adults in this hectic digital world.

This constant “noise” is in turn is leading to a huge surge in mental health challenges within this age group.

Covid has only added to this problem, removing the opportunity for physical connection for months at a time, and driving the behaviour to spend even more time online without practical benefit.

At the same time, the school systems which are “forced” upon them are losing relevance with our next generation and quickly!

Children and teens are pushing back at school and at home questioning “why” they need to learn their assigned school syllabus.

They certainly have a point!

Our educational systems are inherited from centuries ago and are certainly out of touch with today’s generation Z and the needs of today.

Let’s consider for a moment that only 20 years ago, wifi was not in people’s homes, smart phones didn’t exist, online banking was in its infancy and making a living on the internet was beyond comprehension.

Even Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram were yet to make an appearance yet the same books and syllabus from back then are being used in school!

This is why FUNancial Freedom was created by founder Paul O’Mahony, who himself is the son of two teachers.

The aim of FUNancial Freedom is to empower children and teens across the globe to lead a life of success, fun and financial prosperity.

Through their training methods, they provide fun and engaging and most of all incredibly practical skills for the world we live in today.

FUNancial Freedom have created a virtual world that allows a child/teen to immerse themselves in a learning that is truly needed in today’s society in an environment they are very comfortable in.

They not only learn the practical skills for managing money, building businesses, and doing well in exams, but here is also an emphasis on how to manage any mental health issues that they may experience.

In 2019, FUNancial Freedom ran its first live event in South Africa in front of 55,000 teenagers announcing its intent to make a global shift in empowered learning for children and teens regardless of background.

If you have a child in your life that you know could potentially benefit from this, you can find out more at http://www.funancialfreedom.com/.

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