Truth: Why do girls need a good makeup brush?

October 11 16:08 2021
A good makeup brush can prevent wrinkles and protect girl’s skin.

“If girlswant to be good at work, girlsmust first sharpen their tools.” Make-up is actually a technical job, if girlsdon’t have the skills of a professional makeup artist. But if girlshave a set of high-quality makeup brushes, girlswill become a master of makeup from a little white.

A good makeup brush can prevent wrinkles and protect girl’s skin.

To use an analogy, a good makeup brush on the face is equivalent to rubbing our facial skin with silk. It feels silky and has low friction, which can reduce pulling and prevent wrinkles.

Applying makeup with a poor quality makeup brush is like rubbing our face with sandpaper. It will not only accelerate skin aging, but also make girlswrinkles grow quickly.

This is not alarmist talk. girlscan observe many beauty bloggers in Europe and the United States carefully. Once they pull in the close-up shots, their eye skin sagging and wrinkles are super obvious.

The reason is that they usually start to make-up when they are around 14 years old, and the budget for purchasing makeup tools is limited.

So they will choose some “junk brushes” that come with cosmetics, or buy some cheap brushes with fiber bristles,these “garbage brushes” caused serious irreversible damage to their skin.

Do they need to buy big brands?

Most big brands will not choose the best quality wool to make brushes, because consumers will buy them for the brand.

All major cosmetic brush production lines are outsourced to Chinese or Japanese brush factories. This is a very public matter in the industry.

Big brand brushes are priced very high, and brand premiums are too high. Personally feel that it is not worth buying.

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