The heat this summer is killer and outdoor workers must take precautions

October 11 08:12 2021
The heat this summer is killer and outdoor workers must take precautions
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Valets have had to take special precautions in the summer heat

Carrollton, Texas – The heat this summer is no joke, and everyone is doing their best to get through unscathed. But while many take refuge in air-conditioned buildings and homes, there are many still out there who must endure and work in the scorching weather without such luxuries. People whose places of work are outside and in the sun have always been vulnerable to heat related illnesses and injury, but as temperatures rise and weather becomes more extreme so do the rates of those illnesses and injuries. It’s a dangerous situation that is sweeping the nation just as aggressively as the erratic weather has.

“Working out there in the sun or the rain or other weather can just be so brutal. It’s dangerous, it really is. No matter what work you’re doing, if it’s outside you really need to be careful. Heat exhaustion and other things like that can happen in an instant. It just takes a moment to get sick or hurt,” stated a United Valet Service representative when asked about the dangers of working outside in the elements.

United Valet Service is based in Carrollton, Texas. The company provides their highly rated professional valet services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company stands out among other parking management companies in the region for being uniquely customer oriented while maintaining a high standard of care and protection for its employees. Since many of their team members must work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, the company is acutely aware of the dangers. Their level of concern for their employees certainly contributes to the incredibly low rate of heat related issues among the company’s team members.

The United Valet Service representative went on to say, “We are always trying to make sure our employees are staying hydrated, keeping their energy up. Wearing sun block and other protections. We have specific protocols in place for each season to protect our employees from getting sick or hurt from the weather. It’s a necessity. To anyone who works outside, take care of yourself out there.”

Everyone, especially those who work outdoors should take that advice and make sure to stay hydrated.

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