The Exit Guy – “It’s not just business, it led to my brother’s suicide too…”

September 15 20:00 2021
Brian P. Callanan, an M&A advisor, CEO, and author, is The Exit Guy. In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, the founder of the agency is dedicated to helping business owners ‘cash-out’ for maximum value, thus keeping their families safe from potential financial ruin.

According to Audrey Hamilton, the host of Speaking of Psychology, “money is a top cause of stress for many Americans.” When joined in by anxiety, depression, the feeling of entrapment, and without viable solutions, thousands of Americans commit suicide.

Many business owners are poorly advised or think they can do-it-themselves when selling their businesses and often leave millions on the table. 

In Brian’s international best-selling book ‘Don’t Get Bullied by Your Bank…or anyone else!’, he is reaching out to business owners who are struggling to develop a proper exit strategy for their business:

“My name is Brian Callanan. After my brother, a business owner, committed suicide from money stress and feeling trapped; I went on a mission to figure out what exit options were possible for his business. In addition to the necessary licenses to practice, I studied for the following designations – AAMS®, AIF®, CBC®, CEPA®, CLTC®, RICP® further developing my expertise. I do not want another family to feel the pain of losing a loved one to money stress.”

Brian states 95% of M&A professionals indicated the owner’s “overestimation of value” was the number one factor in failed deals. The amount of blood, sweat, tears and time invested in one’s business plays a sentimental role in decisions they make. 

According to Brian, “entrepreneurs expect they will simply sell their business and fund their retirement. However, most will be unsuccessful and will outlive their money, realizing their worst fears.” They do not realize the 5 D’s drive most sales: death, disability, divorce, distress, and disagreement.

As mentioned in his book, 80% will never find a buyer, of the 20% who do – 75% of them will “profoundly regret” selling.  More information about tax minimization, private equity, and wealth management can be found in Brian’s book.

Brian’s team of certified exit planning advisors, led by The Exit Guy himself, are experts in exit planning and offer guidance and leadership simplifying this complex process. Brian Callanan’s approach to value estimation and exit planning strategies is based on the Value Acceleration Methodology™:

“The Value Acceleration Methodology™ is your strategic framework for executing exit planning. It is the value management system that makes the timing of an exit irrelevant. By focusing the approach on building a business with characteristics that drive value and integrating the owner’s personal and financial objectives into it now, there will be many options to exit on the owner’s timeline and terms.”

More information about The Exit Guy and Brian Callanan can be found on The Exit Guy’s official website.

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