Prometheus SA’s UAV GSM 077 is the World’s First Hybrid, Interactive Drone with Real-Time Human Interactions Ability

September 10 03:51 2021
Prometheus SA’s UAV GSM 077 is the World’s First Hybrid, Interactive Drone with Real-Time Human Interactions Ability

Designers and manufacturers of a new class of drones, Prometheus SA have launched the all-new PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077. This Unmanned Aerial is the world’s first hybrid drone for “interacting” with humans in real-time in GSM / LTE / 5G technology or via the SatCom satellite link. The brand-new device has premiered and is available for sale. 

“Have you ever wondered what the technology of the future looks like? You don’t have to wait anymore. It is already here. Prometheus is a breakthrough among the sector of drones. Intelligent drones are no longer a future fantasy – It’s the real product we can get now”, says a spokesperson for Prometheus SA.

The drone is designed with a flight time of up to five hours while flying in tough conditions, such as heavy rainfall, winds, smoke, dust, and snow. The PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 drone operates in temperatures ranging from -15°C to 50°C. What makes this device unique is its amazing range allowing it to work wherever the mobile phone does. This flying robot is apt for sectors such as public security, crisis management services, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Administration, energy sector, fire-fighting, natural resources maintenance, rescue, and other services. 

The drone’s defense features can be used to improve public safety that permits searching for missing people, tracking, charting the terrain, or communicating in real-time through voice and video. One of the prominent functions of Prometheus is dropping items, for example, first aid kits, lifebuoy soaps, etc. Therefore, Prometheus directly contributes to saving human lives.

The drone comes with a manual and automatic feature, making it easy to control. A one-of-a-kind built-in feature allows automatic take-off and landing in a mobile capsule. The device’s default obstacle detection system allows it to continue flying in case one engine stops working. It is also furnished with powerful cameras with supplementary auto-tracking functions and a laser rangefinder. 

Prometheus S.A. was born in 2019 by a group of visionary and enthusiasts. The company has a talented staff of electronics engineers, designers, constructors, software developers, managers, UAV instructors, and many others. The drone PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 is the fruit of their devoted work. The company hopes that its work can revolutionize the existing technology and the dynamics of public safety.

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