I Search Marketing, One of Australia’s Leaders in Multicultural Marketing, Offers A Myriad of Practical Digital Marketing Solutions

July 23 22:06 2021
I Search Marketing is an Australian-based full-service digital marketing agency, providing integrated digital marketing solutions to all businesses for more than a decade. The brand has started branching out its marketing services outside of the Australian general market since 2016.

Multicultural marketing is a breath of fresh air in the marketing world, creating a bridge between the general market and ethnic groups and minorities. 

However, only a handful of agencies in Australia have embraced this approach with sufficient capacity in terms of research and execution – I Search Marketing is Australia’s leader in this field, offering a wide variety of thoroughly planned solutions to enterpreneurs, SMEs, as well as well-esablished brands.

“We dream, we create, we inspire, we innovate. We’re a young, fresh, cutting-edge digital marketing agency based in Sydney. We are strategic in our thinking and creative in our solutions.”

The brand has been operating for more than 10 years, and they have started their multicultural marketing servicesaiming to help brands “connect and engage with multicultural Australians”. 

“We brought new thinking and new solutions to this area, and utilize advanced advertising technology to help brands connect meaningfully with Multicultural Australians and achieve an impactful result.”

I Search Marketing had launched numerous remarkably successful multi-language digital campaigns in the past several years. Some of their most recent campaigns include:

–  The Chinese Campaign for UnionPay International, utilizing local Chinese WeChat media outlets, social media, and programmatic display & video strategies to target local Chinese and inbound Chinese tourists.
–  The Vietnamese Campaign for Mikei Reshi, targeting local Vietnamese audience in Australia interested in health and wellness.
–  The Korean Campaign for 1001 Optical, a well-established local optical retailer, targeting Korean audience in Sydney with programmatic ads & social ads.

I Search Marketing agency trading desk also was described by their clients as the most flexible and best practice in the ethnic programmatic media buy space, which enabled them achieve optimal campaign results and offers valuable insight into the basics of ethnic marketing, ethnic audience segmentation, and specifics regarding these topics.

Aside from ethnic marketing strategies, I Search Marketing also offers a variety of digital advertising solutions, spanning across e-commerce, social, native, SEO, and programmatic spheres.  

The company is home to a team of well-renowned marketing experts and strategists that rely on advanced data technologies to help their clients form a bond with their target audiences and customers:

“I Search Marketing is your partner for an end-to-end digital advertising campaign. We create an integrated brand experience through digital media and connect meaningfully with your customers. Our in-house data-driven digital marketing strategists start every campaign by understanding your business and your customers.”

The brand’s Full-Funnel Approach is comprised of raising awareness, exciting interest and consideration, calling to action, which consequentially results in conversion. 

“The marketing funnel underpins our entire approach to planning, execution, and analysis. 

“Starting at the top of the funnel by finding your ideal customers, as your potential customers move down the funnelwe create specific engage tactics which allowing your marketing effort to become more focused.“

More information on I Search Marketing and the brand’s multicultural marketing solutions can be found on their official website.

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