Skinfidelity business booms after viral TikTok exposes dark side of popular lip injections

February 18 20:45 2021
Port Credit’s Medical Spa Skinfidelity Owner and Advanced Natural Cosmetic Injector Reaches millions of people during pandemic about long term risks of the Russian lips.

Local small business owner and advanced nurse injector Shelby Hall was shocked when an educational video she posted on TikTok went viral, growing almost 17 thousand followers overnight. On February 11th, 2021, Shelby posted an entertaining and educational 60 second video on the long term risks of ‘Russian Lips’: a popular lip injection technique which has a high complication rate of filler spreading into the upper lip, which can give individuals an abnormal appearance. The video was uploaded to her the TikTok account for her company, Skinfidelity, which has now gained over 2 million views.

Like so many other small business owners in the Peel region, Shelby was devastated when her spa was forced to close in November 2020. For SkinFidelity, it was their second time experiencing a lockdown right after signing a new commercial lease a few months prior. Not knowing the future of the business during a pandemic, she focused her energy on growing SkinFidelity’s social media presence.

SkinFidelity’s philosophy is one which emphasizes transparency of treatments and celebrating individuality while providing restorative and preventative anti-aging treatments. SkinFidelity is known for their natural and more “normalized” anatomical approach to non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Their team prioritizes physical and mental safety over cosmetic goals to always have the client’s best interest at heart.

The viral video, ‘Stop Russian Technique!!!!’, focuses on a popular lip injection style of abnormally large lips that gained traction after lip injections became glamourized by Kylie Jenner in 2015. What many recipients of this treatment do not know are the photos taken immediately after those injections is not how the vast majority of lips stay. In fact, most times the filler moves from where it was placed into the upper lip giving the person an abnormal appearance Shelby refers to as a “duck lip”.

“I believe if you are offering a treatment or service, you should be transparent about the long term risks and complications. This goes for any industry, not just for beauty. As a collective of cosmetic practitioners we need to be continually educating ourselves and providing full disclosure to help the public make informed decisions. If we know better we should do better” says Shelby. “I think this video went viral because a lot of people have been noticing something weird going on with lip fillers and no one is saying anything about it publicly.”

Shortly after the video was uploaded her waitlist grew exponentially for all in-person treatments including fixing botched lips for when the spa can reopen from lockdown restrictions.

Shelby’s story gives positive hope to other small business owners who are struggling to cope with temporary closures during the pandemic. Even while they are not allowed to operate in-person, social media is a powerful tool which can be used by businesses in any industry. By finding unique, educational, and entertaining ways to deliver relevant content to your viewers, you can grow your customer base exponentially for when you open in the future.

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