Financial Education Resources and Grants Are Available in Washington

January 21 10:30 2021
Financial Education Resources and Grants Are Available in Washington

Many people feel that going to college is not an option due to their finances. Thankfully, there are many programs and resources that can help make college affordable for all people. One such resource is educational grants, and these are available to people everywhere, including those living in Washington.

Grants Can Help Make College Dreams a Reality

Some people are able to attend college through grants. Grants are given by businesses, churches, universities, the government, banks, credit unions such as WECU, and more. Unlike loans, grants do not have to be paid back. This means grants are not a type of debt that the student takes on, unlike student loans.

Grants are considered a type of gift to students and are not the same type of funding as scholarships. Unlike scholarships, grants are typically based on the need of the student. While scholarships may be based on grades, talents, or special interests, grants are usually granted to those in financial need. Scholarships do not usually take a person’s financial status into account, while grants do. Visit to learn more.

How Funds From College Grants May Be Used

Grants can be used for any need related to the student’s education. This means money from a grant can be used towards classes, textbooks, food, housing, a laptop for school, transportation to school, and more. Sometimes, grants are paid directly to the college or university, and other times the grant money is given directly to the student.

If the money is sent to the school, the school will put the funds towards the student’s outstanding bills. After any balance due is paid, any funds left over are sent directly to the student. The student will then be responsible for using the leftover money on expenses related to their education.

The business, bank, credit union, or giver of the grant will have a special process for those who wish to apply for available grants. The first step is finding out which grants are currently available. Visit to inquire about current grants from this particular credit union. They can give details on the grant amount, the application process, and any deadlines that need to be met.

Many people assume they will not qualify for grants, as they are considered low income. With grants, it’s those who are low income who are more likely to receive assistance. Grants are made for people who have a dream of bettering themselves but may not have the funds to do so. Those who are considered low income should definitely apply for college grants and know that these programs are made for people who want to go to college but can’t afford to do so.

In conclusion, there are financial education resources available to people in Washington. Grants are one type of educational resource. Grants do not have to be paid back and are specifically made for those who cannot afford college on their own.

WECU has been serving individuals and businesses in Washington for over 80 years. This credit union offers financial services to all, including individuals and businesses. One way that WECU gives back to the community is through educational grants.

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