Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Medina, WA

January 16 03:06 2021
Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Medina, WA

A sewer line issue can cause big, stinky problems for businesses and homeowners. At the first sign of a problem, it’s smart to stop using the plumbing in the home and call a professional plumber. Calling for a repair as soon as the issue is noticed can help to avert more damage, additional repairs, and a horrible mess.

Symptoms of a Sewer Line Issue

While some people may think that a major sewer line issue happens in an instant, this isn’t typically the case. There are some telltale signs that show up beforehand that warn the homeowner a problem is building. According to Apollo Plumbing, these signs can include:

  • A toilet overflowing when the washing machine is in use 

  • A toilet overflowing when water is draining out of a sink

  • Toilets that gurgle

  • When the bathtub or shower fills up with wastewater from the drain

  • Multiple toilets, drains, or fixtures becoming clogged or draining slowly

  • A horrible sewer smell in or around the outside of the home

Problems Can Be Diagnosed Using Sewer Line Cameras

If a sewer line problem is suspected by a homeowner, a plumber will try to diagnose the issue. Plumbers may use cameras for sewer line video inspection. This allows them to get a first-hand look through the pipes, without having to take the sewer lines apart. Visit for more info on this process.

The camera will show the plumber if there is a clog in the line and can help them locate exactly where the clog is. The plumbing professional can then remove the clog. The camera will help guide them through the repair process and can verify that the issue has been rectified. Keep in mind that working with raw sewage is hazardous, and this is why only a trained plumber should attempt to repair a sewer line.

Clearing a Sewer Line with Organic Material Dissolver

Many customers wonder what the plumber will do if a clog is found in the sewer line. While there are a couple of different options that the plumber can use to try to remove the clog, they may try to remove the line using an organic material dissolver. If the material dissolver does not work, another option is to use professional sewer rooter equipment.

Visit to see what services and areas are covered for sewer line clog repairs.

In conclusion, stop using the plumbing and call a plumber at the first sign of a sewer line problem. Ignoring an issue can be costly and can lead to a sewer backup in the house. A professional and licensed plumber will come to the home, diagnose the problem, and work on getting the sewer line flowing properly.

Apollo Plumbing has been servicing Washington families and business owners since 2005. All plumbers are bonded, licensed, and insured. The goal of Apollo Plumbers is to show up on time, get the job completed on the first trip, and make sure that customers are more than happy with the plumbing services they receive.

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