SQUEEZYBAND Announce Launch of Liquid Dispenser Wristband Used For Sanitizing The Hands to Prevent COVID-19

June 25 20:14 2020

June 25, 2020 – Since the global pandemic of COVID-19, items such as masks have been encouraged to be worn as a primary source in the prevention of spreading the virus. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing have also been strongly urged by WHO (World Health Organization). SQUEEZYBAND is a patent-pending, liquid dispenser wristband, with a 15mL capacity to hold various liquids including hand sanitizer, lotion, sunscreen, insect repellant, and more.

SQUEEZYBAND is made from medical-grade silicone and is both easily refillable, reusable, sealable, and washable with leak-proof caps. When a person searches for a conventional-bottled hand sanitizer, they are contaminating themselves by touching surfaces. With SQUEEZYBAND, there is no contact with any other items and therefore it is much easier to dispense effectively and frequently.

It is child-friendly, recommended to children 7 years of age and up. SQUEEZYBAND will help children keep themselves germ-free and thus much less at risk for potential viruses.

SQUEEZYBAND was invented by award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur, Moe Masoudi from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He conceived the idea for SQUEEZYBAND in February 2020 due to the rise of COVID-19 as he envisioned frequent hand sanitizing should be available to everyone at any given time. Moe went through several prototypes on a 3D printer before the final product was perfected. Moe hopes that everyone including frontline workers, the elderly, as well as children will wear SQUEEZYBAND. Currently, SQUEEZYBAND is being manufactured overseas. Moe tried to manufacture SQUEEZYBAND locally and did not receive any response from factories as they were closed due to the pandemic lockdown. However, SQUEEZYBAND is planned to be manufactured in North America in the near future with the potential to generate many jobs.

Since its launch, the demand for SQUEEZYBAND has been overwhelming with over 20,000 units sold thus far throughout the world.  It is anticipated that millions will be sold worldwide, especially as restrictions are being lifted. There are talks with several major distributors globally to have this product available on retailers’ shelves.

Currently, SQUEEZYBAND can be purchased online via squeezyband.com for a retail value of $15.00 CAD. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes in both Fixed and Adjustable bands.

SQUEEZYBAND has been one of the hottest topics as of late and is currently one of the most trending inventions, as each publication that features it has received high traffic volume and a higher Google ranking. A glimpse of some of the recent news: https://www.squeezyband.com/news

SQUEEZYBAND is a simple invention that works, is easy-to-use at an affordable price, and it has been noted that one’s “Spidey senses may tingle” with every use!

For more information please visit https://www.squeezyband.com/news

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